Islam in Somalia and Somali Muslims

Capital: Mogadishu
Population: 10.8 Million (approx.)
Muslims Percent: 99%

Islam in Somalia

Somalia: The Forgotten Story

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09/11/2016 Ilhan Omar becomes first Somali American legislator in the US
01/11/2016 Rapper K’naan wants to tell Somali-American tale in HBO show
24/10/2016 Female Genital Mutilation Haunts Somalis in US
19/09/2016 Muslim Mall Jihadist was Somali Migrant
29/03/2016 Somalia's Sufi revival
01/03/2016 Somalia's Lido beach: the heart of Mogadishu and the place my friends died
28/05/2016 How The World's Largest Refugee Camp Remade A Generation Of Somalis
25/05/2015 Is the tide turning against al-Shabab in Somalia?
23/05/2015 Magazine Read: The surgeons of Mogadishu
08/05/2015 Somalia remains one of the largest, most complex emergencies, says country’s UN relief coordinator
01/05/2015 Somalia journalist and his wife shot dead
27/02/2015 The plight of Ethiopian migrants in Somalia
19/01/2015 Somalis torn between hunger in Dadaab and uncertainty at home
07/10/2014 Dab Shid – An ancient pre-Islamic culture that evolved into religion and culture
31/07/2014 Al-Shabab's 'halal' football a different game
02/04/2014 Somalis yearn for a musical renaissance
22/03/2014 Somalis fear 'death-sentence' deportations
11/03/2014 Somali farmers benefit from al-Shabab reforms
09/12/2013 Somali woman who reported rape sentenced
12/11/2013 Amiir and Family: Somalis in Norway
09/11/2013 Somali Islamists take responsibility for Mogadishu hotel bombing
14/10/2013 Somalis die 'making bomb' in Ethiopia
06/10/2013 US forces target leading al-Shabaab militant in Somalia raid
05/10/2013 Illegal ivory trade funds al-Shabaab's terrorist attacks
12/09/2013 Danish chef pours donated cash into rebuild of Somali's bombed cafe
12/09/2013 American jihadist rapper and British Islamist militant killed in Somalia
02/09/2013 For some Somalis, a new threat after war
31/08/2013 Electronic transfers improve Somalia economy
30/08/2013 Rape cases soar in Somali camps
02/07/2013 Sisters of Somalia
02/05/2013 UN says Somalia famine killed nearly 260,000
30/04/2013 Mogadishu rebuilds despite uncertain peace
15/04/2013 Dozens killed in attacks in Somali capital
28/01/2013 Somalia gravediggers grieve improved security
14/01/2013 Displaced women still vulnerable in Mogadishu
13/01/2013 Somalia: A failed state is back from the dead
06/01/2013 'We're happy to help MI5 – but coercing us to spy is unacceptable': British Somalis say intelligence agents asking for too much
22/12/2012 Hope blooms for family in 'peaceful' Somalia
09/11/2012 Somalia's al Shabaab, squeezed in south, move to Puntland
08/11/2012 Somali PM appoints country's first female foreign minister
19/10/2012 Somalia fishermen seek state safety net
15/10/2012 Mogadishu property boom stirs concern
13/10/2012 Threats fail to deter young Somali reporters
02/10/2012 Explosions rock Somalia's Kismayo
23/09/2012 Somali MP shot dead in capital Mogadishu
21/09/2012 Deadly blast rocks Somalia capital
19/09/2012 The last stand of al-Shabaab
13/09/2012 The 'Angel of Mogadishu' who raised a hospital from the ruins of war
13/09/2012 Al-Shabab claims attack on new Somalia leader
11/09/2012 Help Somalia’s New President: Cut Off Aid
11/09/2012 Somali MPs elect Hassan Sheikh as president
04/09/2012 Somalia archives survive conflict
03/09/2012 Mogadishu enjoys rare treat of a peaceful Eid
26/08/2012 Somalis rediscover fun side of Mogadishu
06/04/2008 A light at the end of the tunnel
05/06/2006 Fighting in the Shadows
02/06/2006 Return to Somalia: The war on terror - a new front
30/05/2006 US Envoy Pays For Opposing Somalis Bankrolling
11/05/2006 Somalis flee as city battle rages
10/05/2006 Battles between rival militias leave 84 dead
05/05/2006 US Bankrolls Somali Warlords to Fight Al-Qaeda: Report
20/04/2006 First police cadets offer glimmer of hope to the world's most lawless country
09/04/2006 Official: U.S. Backing Somali Militants
07/04/2006 UN Appeals for Urgent Aid to Draught-hit E.Africa
24/03/2006 At least 60 killed as rival groups clash
17/03/2006 Thousands may starve in 'forgotten' Somalia crisis
04/11/2005 Somalis Enjoy 'Rare' Peaceful `Eid
18/01/2005 Tradition Eclipses `Eid Udhiyah in Somalia
12/10/2004 Somali President Faces Mission Impossible
03/06/2004 African Union Mulls Military Intervention In Somalia
13/01/2004 Cameras On Somali Island "To Monitor Terrorists"
05/08/2003 President Abdulkassim Salat Hassan: Somalia's isolated leader
24/08/2002 Don't Give Up on Somalia: UN Humanitarian Coordinator
05/01/2002 U.S. Extends Terrorism Alert To March 11 & Eyes Somalia
04/12/1999 Islam Only Solace In Somalia


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