Mel's Mission against us

Dear All,

please take time out to read the latest Pro-Israeli/Zionist article 'Road-map to Hell' by Melanie Philips which as usual condemns all Palestinians as 'mass murderers' and assigns blame for the current conflict only to Arabs/Muslims. It is such a long and awful rant and so many points could be complained about that I could go on forever…….

Link to article online:§ion=current&issue=2003-05-17&id=3100

This article has been described as 'excellent' by and they have encouraged people to write in and support it. The last thing an Islamophobe and rabid Zionist like Philips needs is ammunition to continue her campaign against us. Please email in and complain about this biased diatribe.

Please point out some of the following inaccuracies and misinformation in her inane rant:

  • Harping on as all Zionists do that 'Arabs don't want a separate Palestinian state: they want the end of Israel' is an accusation that all Muslims are genocidal. It ignores the fact that the Palestinians have recognized Israel's right to exist and the Arab world has collectively offered Israel recognition, security and normal relations in exchange for a full withdrawal from Arab lands held since 1967 and a fair solution for Palestinian refugees, in the 2002 peace plan put forward by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. It was the Zionist state that rejected this offer.

  • Philips praises Israel for her goodwill gestures which included releasing 180 Palestinian prisoners and opening up Gaza and the West Bank which she claims had only been closed 'to keep in mass murderers.

    • She fails to mention some 8,000 Palestinian prisoners remain behind bars, over a thousand of them held in administrative detention, a form of internment without trial in which suspects can be held indefinitely.

    • Her implication that the West Bank and Gaza contain only mass murderers is highly offensive, it echoes typical Zionist mentality which dehumanizes all Palestinians and justifies their brutal occupation.

  • Philips condemns the Palestinians for responding to these hollow goodwill gestures by killing an 'Israeli gardener' who was of course a Jewish settler-squatter residing illegally in the West Bank.

  • There is no mention in her article of the deaths perpetrated by the Zionist army, instead she invokes sympathy for Israel which 'extends a tentative hand to people who persistently murder its citizens. As a result, still more Israelis get murdered.' In essence she wants people to believe that hundreds of Israelis have been deliberately targeted, while more than three times as many dead Palestinians are not even worthy of mention. Indeed Philips believes like most Zionists that these dead Palestinians all somehow just got in the way of what they claim is humane and disciplined Zionist army.

  • She attacks the Road Map as 'a well-known neighbourhood called Appeasement Avenue' and asserts it will fail because it 'assumes that the conflict is a territorial boundary dispute between Israel and the Palestinians. It is not. It is rather a continuation of the 55-year-old Arab war of extermination against Israel.'

    • Once more the accusation of attempted genocide is leveled at Muslims, Philips insists 'they didn't want a separate Palestinian state. They wanted the end of the Jewish one instead. ' She claims the Arabs were offered a state in part of Palestine in 1948, she fails to mention they were offered 47% of the 100% land which was originally theirs. A Jewish minority was offered the greater part.

    • She claims the Arabs 'could have had it after the 1967 war, when Israel offered the territories back in exchange for peace' this is a blatant lie.

    • She then claims 'And they could have had it - including half of Jerusalem - when Israel offered it in 2000 at Tabah.' This is perhaps one the most powerful myths circulated by the Zionists, in actual fact all that was offered was a kind of super-autonomy within a "Greater Israel", rather than independence, and the devolution of some municipal functions in the parts of Jerusalem inhabited by Palestinians, under continued overall Israeli control.

  • She further asserts the 'Palestinians regard the whole of Israel as occupied territory to be liberated.

    • She fails to mention Zionist ideology claims the entire fertile crescent as 'Greater Israel'. According to their version of the Bible the Palestinians are entitled to none of the land, which was originally theirs.

  • Unsurprisingly she is most critical of the 'right of return' that the Palestinians will not relinquish. She blatantly propagates the falsehood that 'Those whose families fled in 1948 form only a tiny fraction of the four million Arabs in the disputed territories. Many of these originated in other Arab countries altogether.'

    • The four million she mentions are the direct descendents of the 750,000 originally ethnically cleansed during the creation of the Zionist state. They all have a historic claim to Palestine. Just as all Muslims have a religious claim to our Holy Land.

  • She reiterates again and again the 'real ultimate goal (of the Arabs)- the resettlement of Israel as an Arab state' this demonstrates very well the fantastical paranoid mind-set of the Zionist who despite having the upper hand will always paint themselves as the victims of persecution and attempted annihilation.

  • According to Philips 'Few in Britain now grasp the true Arab agenda towards Israel. General ignorance of Middle Eastern history has allowed Palestinian propaganda to invert both past and present realities, resulting in the progressive delegitimisation of Israel.'

    • Again maybe it has not occurred to her that perhaps the public are now more informed and not so gullible to Israeli propaganda. They cannot ignore the scenes of violence they see on television, the cruelty of Israeli occupation speaks for itself.

    • Secondly Palestinian propaganda cannot delegitmise Israel, it is and will always be a state conceived in illegitimacy is the eyes of the Muslims. We do not recognize their 'more ancient claim.' Until the oppression of the Palestinians ends and the Zionists recognize our claim to Al-Quds, Israel will remain an illegitimate entity, and we will continue to support the struggle of out brothers and sisters against Zionist oppression.

    Many more points in this harangue could be argued against, it really is a typical Zionist argument and illustrates the fact that it is the Zionists who are totally against any kind of peace plan or solution to the current situation. They wish to keep up the oppression and mistakenly believe they can vanquish us.

    Action Requested:

    Please send your complaints to the editor of the Spectator either on

    or via this online link:§ion=current&issue=2003-05-17&id=3100


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