Black Spider: Mad Melanie Phillips Loses It With Muslims!

Thursday, 03 February 2005

Dear oh dear. Poor mad Melanie Phillips (constantly abusing her Daily Mail column to rant against Muslims) is foaming at the mouth with anger as she lambasts the MCB and Khalid Mahmood MP for desiring the Holocaust Memorial to include ALL genocide of the 20th Century.

This would involve the remembrance of not only the Muslims of Bosnia but the non-Muslims of Cambodia and Rwanda

Mad Melanie feels that the Holocaust Memorial Day should only remember the Jewish people. Well, excuse me Mel, but the Jewish people do not have a monopoly on suffering. Human beings cannot measure who is deserving of a memorial by the numbers killed.

All genocide is wrong. That includes the genocide of the Palestinan people by the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

And moving on to the conduct of some Muslims in this sorry affair of the Holocaust... what can we say? Typical! The volunteers at MPACUK decide to take on the individuals who broke Muslim unity by attending the Holocaust Memorial and what do some of our own first generation decide to do?

They decide to beat us with the stick of being second generation 20 somethings.

Well hello there brothers, but if the first generation have proved themselves to be so useless at defending our Ummah, then it falls on the second generation of British Muslims to take on the responsibility of defending our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are being oppressed by the Israelis.

Surely it should not fall on the young Muslim generation to remind the older generation that on the Day of Judgement, each of us will be asked what each of us did to protect our oppressed Muslim brothers and sisters. And we at MPACUK for one have no intention of answering that we did nothing because we were too busy following our 'elders' who were all sell-outs!'

And one last thing, if the 'elders' expect to be respected, they need to learn to EARN that respect!

We at MPACUK would like to applaud Lord David Steel, ex leader of the Liberals for calling for international sanctions against Israel, drawing a parrallel between the Holocaust and the plight of the Palestinians. He said: "The Palestinian people find themselves hemmed in by barbed wire and their very existence stifled and threatened."

Of course he has come under much criticism from the Zionists, but his words are welcomed by the 2 million strong Muslim community, most of whom are all shopping for the best policies for Muslim interests.

It remains to be said that if more Liberal Democrat MPs and Party Members were to take this view, we are sure that the Lib Dems would have no problem swinging the Muslim vote over to their own party.

And finally, three cheers for government Minister Mike O'Brien's refusal to apologise for the article in which he tried to reach out to the Muslim community. Despite being accused of anti semitism by a powerful Zionist lobby, Mike O'Brian kept his cool and rode through the storm (without much support from Muslims may we add). He deserves a medal for surviving the Zionist onslaught which was something Tony and Cherie Blair did not manage when Cherie was accused of siding with the palestinains in 2002 when a suicide bomb went off in Israel. Of course, the bid for a share of the 2 million Muslim votes probably helped Mike through the maze of Zionist anger, but hey we never said he wasn't a politician!


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