Islam and Muslims in China

Capital: Beijing
Population: 1.3 Billion
Muslims Percent: 2% (approx 24 Million)

Islam in China

China - Land of Diversity (very interesting)

Islamís Invisible Frontier: The Muslims of Chinese-Occupied East Turkestan

1421: The Year a Chinese Muslim Discovered America

Muslim community gives Chinese city a very Arab flavor

Chinese Muslims Rediscovering Islam

East Turkistan: Chinaís Forgotten Muslims

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China and Islam in the Northwest Chinese Region -

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Islam's Path East: China - Islamicity

Some Photos of Islam and Muslims in China

07/04/07 China takes another journey on old Silk Road
09/02/07 Execution of Chinese Muslim condemned
10/01/07 'Persian helped promulgate Islam in China'
10/01/07 Muslim Activist Urges China Raid Probe
09/01/07 Chinese police kill 18 in raid on 'terror' camp
27/11/06 China Uses Muslims to Woo Partners
06/10/06 Nobel Highlights Uighur Muslim Plight
26/09/06 Hero of the Ming Dynasty: The man who mapped the world
07/09/06 Learning Arabic Pays Off in China
09/08/06 China to execute Burlington man who championed Muslim state
13/05/06 Chinese Muslims to Get First Hajj Service
19/01/06 Sea change - Guardian
15/12/05 US Congress Told of Chinese Muslims' Plight - IOL
30/09/05 China Turns Muslim Xinjiang Into Time Bomb
26/09/05 XINJIANG: How long will arrested Sufi Muslims be held? - Forum 18
21/07/05 Modern China revels in tale of long-ago voyager
29/06/05 China jails Muslim author
25/05/05 An inequitable life - The Guardian
08/05/05 US Ignores China's Crackdown on Muslims: Activists
26/04/05 Beijing Ancient Mosque Under Repair
12/04/05 China 'crushing Muslim Uighurs' - BBC
12/04/05 China Represses Muslim Uighurs: Rights Groups
12/04/05 China Rejects Rights Groups' Charge of Muslim Repression
11/04/05 China "smothering" Islam to control Uighurs - report
18/03/05 Uighurs behind bars in China - BBC
17/03/05 China frees top Uighur prisoner
07/03/05 China's intolerance of dissent - BBC
26/02/05 Islam with Chinese characteristics begins to take hold
03/02/05 China Urged to End Restrictions on Muslims
29/11/04 Getting to know the Hui Chinese Muslims, one dish at a time
02/11/04 Editorial: Muslims in China - Arab News
02/11/04 China seals off villages in central region after ethnic rioting kills 7
01/11/04 Ethnic violence hits China region - BBC
29/10/04 Centuries-old ties that bind China's Muslims
20/09/04 Calligrapher Opens Window to Islam in China - Islam Online
09/07/04 Amnesty slams China for using war on terror to persecute Uighurs
06/05/04 Faith Sprouts in Arid Soil of China
01/05/04 Islam on the ropes - Globe and Mail, Canada
25/03/04 One of China's poorest regions to gain access by expressway
17/03/04 Islam seminar in Taipei could boost - Taipei Times, Taiwan
14/03/04 Seeing China the Muslim way - The Star, Malaysia
23/02/04 Muslim Women Forced o Drink, Dance with Male Chinese officials
17/02/04 China targets terror in Muslim region, but what is it fighting?
18/01/04 Taiwan: Catering to Muslim tourists - The Star, Malaysia
19/12/03 China's Uighurs lose out to development - BBC
15/12/03 China Designates Four Muslim Groups "Terrorist"
26/11/03 Donít Send Detainees Back to China - Human Rights Watch
03/11/03 China's high-stakes war on terror - BBC
16/10/03 China's Islamic Association celebrates 50th anniversary
04/10/03 China's Uighurs mourn way of life - BBC
26/09/03 China's Uighur Muslims Say Feel Alienated
22/02/03 Muslims refuse to be pushed out of Beijing - Globe and Mail, Canada
05/02/03 Amnesty Calls For Inquiry Into Crackdown On Muslim Uprising In China
18/12/02 US diplomat visits China's Muslim area - BBC
23/09/02 China's New Terrorists - Time Magazine
15/07/02 In China's West, Ethnic Strife Becomes 'Terrorism'
04/06/02 East Turkistan: Chinaís Forgotten Muslims
16/12/01 China, in Harsh Crackdown, Executes Muslim Separatists
08/09/01 China Continues Suppression of Islam in Provinces - Islam Online

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