Islam and Muslims in Pakistan

Capital: Islamabad
Population: 148 million
Muslims Percent: 97% (77% Sunni, 20% Shia)

Struggle between Islam and secularism in Pakistan - Zafar Bangash

In Pakistan We Have Selective Islam - Imran Khan

The position of women in Islamic Law and Pakistan

02/06/03 Sharia law for Pakistan province - BBC, UK
29/05/03 Pakistan is losing the fight against fundamentalism - Guardian, UK
27/05/02 Un-Islamic Marriages In Pakistan Deny Women’s Rights - Islam Online
06/09/02 The power of Pakistan's progressive press - Guardian, UK
05/08/02 Pakistan's 'culture of Jihad' - BBC, UK
25/07/02 Gang-rape in Pakistan
23/07/02 Women pay brutal price of 'family honour' - Times, UK


Marriage with the Quran

Honor Killing

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