Islam and Muslims in Turkmenistan

Capital: Ashgabat
Population: 4.7 million
Muslims Percent: 89% (approx 4.2 million)

Niyazov's Turkmenistan: a sultanistic regime? (PDF)

NEWS: Turkmenistan Citizens Given "GREAT BOOK"

Timeline Turkmenistan - BBC

TURKMENISTAN - A Country Study

Hearing on Democratization and Human Rights in Turkmenistan

21/12/06 Q&A: Turkmen leader's death
21/12/06 Turkmen leader dies
24/06/06 Europe 'ignoring Turkmen human rights abuses'
21/03/06 Read my book and go to paradise, says president
21/02/06 Turkmen ruler coins lasting memento for 66th birthday
24/02/06 Turkmenistan despot axes pensions
23/04/05 The bizarre world of Turkmenbashi the Great
26/10/06 Turkmen president takes job for life
14/04/04 He's banned beards, honoured melons and offers dental advice. Is this the world's craziest dictator?
03/04/04 Build No More Mosques: Turkmen President - Islam Online
12/03/04 Turkmenistan: Beard Ban Angers Students - IWPR
10/03/04 Turkmenistan: State Interfering in Religious life of Ethnic Uzbeks
25/02/04 Young Turkmen face beard ban - BBC
16/01/04 Secret police close down mosque refusing to go against Islam - Kavkaz Center
28/04/03 Turkmenistan: State of Fear - IWPR
29/12/02 Face Puffed, Speech Slurred, Foe Confesses to Trying to Kill Turkmen Leader
14/08/02 Turkmen President Issues Eccentric Cycle of Life Decree
04/07/01 Turkmenistan Builds Largest Mosque in President's Village
20/02/01 Turkmen Citizens Given "Qur'an-Like" Book To Improve Spiritual Lives


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