Islam in France and French Muslims

Capital: Paris
Population: 60 Million
Muslims Percent: 10% (approx 6 Million)


01/10/03 Minarets and Steeples: Can France Balance Them?

29/09/03 Muslim school opens in secular France

10/08/03 Islam in France - Times of India

18/04/03 France's Islamic heartland - BBC, UK

05/01/03 A French Islam: dream or nightmare? - Daily Times, Pakistan

24/04/08 Resistance Library…Palestine in Paris
17/04/08 Jewish Official in French Mosque
04/03/08 France Gets New Islamic School
29/01/08 French Muslims for New Blood
28/01/08 Muslims Lead Paris Slates
24/01/08 Mosques Key Factor in French Polls
20/12/07 France Backs "Ready" Udhiyah
09/12/07 French City Sets EU Mosque Example
05/11/07 Suburbanites Ace in French League
04/10/07 Director breaks French taboo with film tackling Algerian war
03/10/07 French government aims to deport 25,000 illegal immigrants by the end of the year
01/10/07 Lost in France: the Iraqis seeking a new life in Britain
30/09/07 Young French Lead Tarawih
28/09/07 UN Slams "Insidious" Racism in France
16/09/07 Ramadan Reveals French Mosque Problem
14/09/07 French Muslims Go Ascetic in Ramadan
12/09/07 French Mosques Feed Homeless in Ramadan
18/08/07 Mosque Attending Puzzles French Bishops
09/07/07 French Muslims Struggle to Have Mosques
11/06/07 "Blue Wave" Sweeps French Polls
02/06/07 French Immigrants Eye Parliament
11/05/07 French Muslim women opt for hymen surgical cons
18/04/07 Rightists Delay Marseille Mosque Plans
16/04/07 Muslim Reverts Give Bourget New Look
15/04/07 Bourget Urges Massive Muslim Voting
12/01/07 "New Look" Mosque in Cannes
16/11/06 Muslim Workers Decry French Bigotry
23/10/06 French Dwarfs Arabic in `Eid Greetings
06/10/06 Young French Flock to Tarawih
06/10/06 French Muslims Proud of Zidane, Ribery
18/09/06 French Ramadan Calendars Good Advert
07/09/06 French Muslims Find Soul-mates Online
11/07/06 France "Forgives" Icon Zidane
17/06/06 Ribery's Islam "Noticed" in French WC Opener
24/03/06 French Coach Troussier Reverts to Islam
12/02/06 'Muhammad' Becomes Household Name in France
27/12/05 Muslim "Couscous" Vs. "Racist Soup" in France
06/12/05 Fearing Bigotry, French Muslim Reverts Conceal Faith
21/11/05 French Muslims Change Name to Get a 'Chance'
24/09/05 French Muslim Servicemen Discriminated Against: Report
24/09/05 Arab troops in French army suffer race bias
14/08/05 'Pakistanophobia' Spiraling in France
19/06/05 French Prisons Teeming With Muslims
05/01/05 Woman quits French Muslim council
21/12/04 France’s Top Comedian Proud Muslim - Islam Online
19/12/04 France’s Imams to Study “Rousseau”, “Ibn Kathir” - Islam Online
08/12/04 France faces growing Muslim inmate problem
13/11/04 French Muslims Mark `Eid Al-Fitr With Shopping, Prayer
08/11/04 France Rebuffs Jewish Call to Ban Muslim Group - Islam Online
02/11/04 Qur’an “Conspicuous” in Paris Subway - Islam Online
25/10/04 French Turks Cling To Homeland Traditions
22/10/04 France Turns to Tough Policy on Students' Religious Garb
20/10/04 School expels girls for wearing headscarves - Guardian
16/10/04 French Markets Thrive in Ramadan
12/10/04 Skin-head Muslim Student Grills France - Islam Online
12/10/04 French Zakah to Build, Serve Mosques
02/10/04 French Schoolgirl Shaves Head Protesting Hijab Ban
27/09/04 Marseille: Where Worlds Adjoin - Islamic City
11/07/04 France split over battle for Muslim souls and minds - Observer
28/06/04 Book Lights Up History Of Mosques In France
27/06/04 Revising Image of Islam in the French School Books - Islam Online
06/06/04 At Least 1554 Mosques In France: Study
05/06/04 At Least 1554 Mosques In France: Study - Islam Online
04/05/04 Muslim fury over 'witch-hunt' as France continues expulsions - Independent, UK
23/04/04 France to train imams in 'French Islam' - Guardian, UK
16/04/04 France: Muslim Population Flexing its Muscles - Deutsche Welle, Germany
06/03/04 French Muslim fury at mosque attack 'silence
23/02/04 Secular . . . or anti-Islamic? - Washington Times, USA
20/02/04 French Sisters Take Hijab Case To Bookshelves
24/01/04 Why Do the French Refuse Hijab?
12/01/04 France in a Headscarf
03/01/04 Muslims in France and Europe in general - The Daily Star, Bangladesh
27/12/03 In a French village, anger over racism is spoken in Arabic - IHT, France
05/12/03 Chirac stokes Muslim veil debate - Reuters
28/11/03 New French laws on Islam - Washington Times
24/11/03 “Intolerance Towards Islam” Under Scrutiny by France’s CNCDH - Islam Online
17/11/03 Islamophobia Escalates In France
05/11/03 Ramadan Charity Lures Non-Muslims In France
31/10/03 New Islamic French Cola Propagating Peace - Islam Online
22/09/03 French test Muslim high school - Sydney Morning Herald
18/07/03 French Muslims Pose No Threat To Secularism: Experts
17/07/03 French and Jewish extremists unite on Net against Arabs
15/06/03 Schools' bid for headscarf ban widens French divide - Observer, UK
06/05/03 France Envisions a Citizenry of Model Muslims
20/04/03 A Muslim in the Middle in France
13/04/03 French Islam Wins Officially Recognized Voice


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