Islam and Muslims in Norway

Capital: Oslo
Population: 4.6 Million
Muslims Percent: 3.3% (approx 150 Thousand Muslims)

Muslims in Norway

Letter from Norway

Weblog: Islam, democracy and Norway

Shabana Rehman: A Muslim Woman Tickles Norway's Funny Bone

Norway - a multi-ethnic country

24/07/11 Norwegian massacre gunman was a right-wing extremist who hated Muslims
23/07/11 Norway, Islam and the threat of the West
23/07/11 Blaming Muslims - yet again
20/08/10 Norwegian court rules hijab ban illegal
20/03/09 Muslim Dress Debate Burns in Norway
05/02/09 Hijab for Norwegian Police
03/11/07 Oslo: Turkish/Kurdish protest
25/10/07 Misconceptions about Muslim opinions
24/10/07 Prisoners convert to Islam to protest lack of halal food
26/09/07 Muslims feel watched
19/08/07 Interest in interest-free banks
01/08/07 Muslim cemetery only for city residents
27/07/07 15-year old boy to be deported after half his life in Norway
20/07/07 Low employment among Pakistani women
28/02/07 Pig tactics threatened
23/04/06 Reverts Introduce Prophet to Norwegians
22/04/07 Norway: Christians, Muslims defend right to convert
27/01/06 Norway Apologizes over Muhammad Cartoons
11/01/06 Norwegian Muslims Blast Magazine Over Prophet Cartoons
21/07/05 Politicians played at shooting Muslims
29/09/04 Defense of Bombings Stirs Norway Debate
25/07/04 Norwegian Politician Blasted For Anti-Islam Attack - Islam Online
20/07/04 Incitement Watch: Islam to be Banned in Norway? - CAIR
14/01/03 Norway Turns Down U.S. Request to Detain Kurdish Leader - Islam Online
13/01/03 Demonstration by muslim women in Oslo in support for hijab, or head scarf


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