Islamophobia in America (USA)

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06/07/06 Bigotry on display in Lewiston mosque incident
04/07/06 Severed pig's head thrown into mosque during prayer session
20/06/06 Milpitas mosque vandalized again
18/06/06 Suit OK'd over Utah prison beating
14/06/06 2 Islamic sites targeted with anti-Muslim posters
02/06/06 Attorney says Mc Henry County avoiding Muslim jurors
01/06/06 Muslim Family Terrorized in Georgia
31/05/06 Family: Southside Schoolteacher Discriminates Against Muslim Girl
18/05/06 Vandals shatter front door of Milpitas mosque
05/05/06 Police investigating attack on East Side mosque as hate crime
01/05/06 Robertson labeled Islam a "bloody, brutal type of religion"
28/04/06 Shots Fired Into Maryland Mosque
25/04/06 U.S. professor under fire after comments on Muslims
24/04/06 Muslim 'must pay for visa checks'
04/04/06 Muslim student attacked on Baylor campus
04/04/06 Vandals Scrawl 'Osama Binleden' On Sunrise Mosque
27/03/06 Relentless attack on Muslims
26/03/06 An innocent man's life left in ruins
25/03/06 Graham's son not holding back on Islam
23/03/06 Bangladeshi Mosque in Michigan Vandalized
23/03/06 Babies, Bigotry and 9/11
22/03/06 Roseville Student Upset By Quran Presentation
22/03/06 We don't need reason to hold you, Hammoudeh told
15/03/06 Franklin Graham Reaffirms Scorn for Islam
13/03/06 New polls show negative perception of Islam
13/03/06 Dubai Ports Fallout: Islamophobia on the rise
11/03/06 US religious charities win $2.15bn in state grants
10/03/06 Islamophobia worse in America now than after 9/11, survey finds
08/03/06 Silencing the Call to Prayer
03/03/06 Burbank man guilty of intimidating Muslim family
03/03/06 Kenner Muslim school, home vandalized
27/02/06 Woman leaves death threat in mosque, official says
26/02/06 "Trail Cold" In Clifton Mosque Bombing
25/02/06 Man of Arab descent shot; suspect held
16/02/06 Imam assaulted, mosque vandalized in Detroit enclave
15/02/06 Apologies given after Anti-Muslim comments of Breakfast Organiser
02/02/06 Shutting out a voice for Islam
30/01/06 Suspicious Fog Fills Downtown Mosque
30/01/06 'I Felt Humiliated'
28/01/06 Muslims decry U.S. ouster of Tempe doctor
27/01/06 Muslim Group Asks Radio Host to Apologize

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