Islamophobia in France

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26/07/2016 French policeman filmed ridiculing weeping refugee woman after her camp is dismantled
06/06/2016 Frenchman 'who planned 15 terror attacks targeting Muslims and Jews during Euro 2016 because he was sick of mass migration and spread of Islam' is arrested with weapons haul in Ukraine
09/05/2016 Muslim girl sent home by school in France over long skirt
04/02/2016 French police 'abuse' Muslims under emergency laws
26/12/2015 Protesters ransack Muslim prayer hall on Corsica, burn copies of Quran
26/12/2015 Mosque ransacked and copies of Quran burned in Corsica
27/09/2015 French school forces Muslim and Jewish pupils to wear coloured discs
25/08/2015 French Mosque Fire Is Arson, Hollande Says, As Anti-Muslim Crimes On The Rise In France
28/04/2015 French Muslim student banned from school for wearing long black skirt
26/04/2015 Islamophobia soars in France since Charlie Hebdo
01/04/2015 Islamophobia skyrockets in Europe since Charlie Hebdo attack, report says
31/03/2015 French Muslim footballer Anelka decries France’s Islamophobia
17/01/2015 Moroccan man in France killed at home in front of wife in 'horrible Islamophobic attack'
17/01/2015 French Mayor Bans Anti-Jihadist Muslim Film
13/01/2015 Mosques fire bombed and pelted with pig heads in aftermath of Paris terror attacks
10/01/2015 This map shows every attack on French Muslims since Charlie Hebdo
09/01/2015 Tariq Ramadan: The West, terrorism and Islam
08/01/2015 It's going to get worse for French Muslims
08/01/2015 Mosques Attacked In Wake Of Charlie Hebdo Shooting
03/10/2014 Headscarf ban turns France’s Muslim women towards homeworking
01/08/2014 Gaza through the distorted lens of French media
12/06/2014 France outrage as 'racist' French police black-up, eat bananas and scratch themselves like monkeys at party
24/04/2014 French minorities alarmed by far-right wins
10/04/2014 Fighting for French Islam: Integration to Islamophobia?
20/08/2013 France: Outrage at Tours Police Caught on Camera Beating Up Black Woman
26/12/2012 France's Le Pen battles 'Islamonazi occupation'
09/11/2012 French Bishop Slams Rising Islamophobia
27/03/2012 France criticised for denying cleric visa
23/03/2012 Adrian Hamilton: France is a deeply racist country, and Toulouse will only make that worse
05/01/2012 French extremist sent to prison for desecrating Muslims graves
11/04/2011 French burqa and niqab ban: 'Muslim women are being scapegoated'
16/09/2006 Hijab Ban Sharpens Muslim Isolation
03/07/2006 Paris mosque plastered with racist graffiti, swastikas
15/06/2006 French Islamic Institute Fights Islamophobia
13/03/2006 French riots not fired by Islamists
28/02/2006 Poor and Muslim? Jewish? Soup Kitchen Is Not for You
13/02/2006 Report attacks France's human rights record
25/01/2006 French crackdown on 'racist soup'
23/12/2005 French row over charity pork soup
09/12/2005 Young and Muslim: The French exchange
02/12/2005 France explodes the uniformity myth
28/11/2005 Metro Arabs Don’t Feel France’s Alienation, Discrimination Here
17/11/2005 Riots blamed on 'polygamous Africans'
07/11/2005 Explosion in the suburbs
04/11/2005 France's disaffected Muslim businessmen
31/10/2005 Paris Police Face Non-abating Immigrants Outrage
22/03/2005 Attacks on Jews and Muslims soar in France
22/02/2005 Vandals target Paris mosque
04/01/2004 The French War on Islam
23/06/2003 "Islamophobia" Rekindles Hijab Controversy In France

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