Islam and Muslims in Canada

Capital: Ottawa
Population: 35 Million
Muslims Percent: 3% (Approx. 1 Million)

Islam and Canada

Islam Fastest Growing Religion In Canada: Census


Latest News from Canada on Islamic News Updates

05/07/2016 The struggle in Iqaluit: north and south collide in Canada's Arctic capital
03/07/2016 Arctic Ramadan: fasting in land of midnight sun comes with a challenge
01/07/2016 How Canadian hockey moms, poker buddies and neighbors are adopting Syrians, a family at a time.
01/06/2016 Syrian refugees assist Canada's wildfire victims
28/04/2016 Survey shows Muslims proud to be Canadian
26/07/2015 Canadians converting to Islam: A rocky, complex road, new study finds
25/07/2015 Canadian converts to Islam focus of study by Australian sociologist
24/10/2014 Ottawa shooting: Imam urges Canadians not to give in to 'fear and mistrust'
16/09/2013 What the world can learn from Canadian multiculturalism
01/12/2011 Leaders send a loud message: Domestic violence is un-Islamic
13/04/2010 Prairie Muslims build mosque for Arctic
23/12/2008 Islam Revival in Canada
10/05/2008 Canada Muslims File Cartoon Complaint
08/03/2008 Teens with troubles get Islamic line
06/01/2008 Muslims test press freedom limits in Canadian case
08/12/2005 Questions raised after Muslim killed by police bullet
15/06/2005 Hijabs in private schools supported
12/06/2005 Sensationalism shrouds the debate on sharia
31/03/2005 Arabic second only to French by '06 in francophone schools
15/04/2004 Canadian Muslims' new political muscle
16/06/2003 Muslims predict it'll soon be their turn to shine in the Canadian sun
14/05/2003 Islam thrives in Quebec: Catholicism tops
29/12/2002 Muslim Migrants in Canada - Victims of Undeclared Racism and Discrimination


Islamophobia in Canada


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