Ramadhan (Ramzan)

"O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and rightousness" - Al Baqarah, 2:183


Next New Moon - CrescentMoonWatch.org

Moon Sighting Conference, July 07, Dewsbury, UK

Moon Sighting Conference, May 07, San Jose, California


Ramadan for Body and Soul


Why do Muslims Fast during Ramadhan ?

The Virtue of Ramadan and Qur'an - Imam Ibn Kathir

Ramadhan and its Importance

Blessings and Benifits of Fasting

70 Matters related to Fasting

Medical Benefits of Ramadan

The Benefits of Fasting detailed

About Sehri and Iftaar

Breaches of Fast

Conditions for not fasting

Ramadhan...what is it ?

Important Lessons from Ramadan

Advice to Muslims in Ramadan

Ramadhan in History

Is Worship in Ramadan Only?

Taqwa in Ramadan

Ten things about Ramadan

Preparing for the Month of Mercy

Lent and Ramadan

Ramadan - An opportunity to know your inner self - IslamiCity


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Dua's for Ramadan

Series on Fasting :Part 1

Series on Fasting :Part 2

Series on Fasting :Part 3

Series on Fasting :Part 4

Series on Fasting :Part 5

Series on Fasting :Part 6

Series on Fasting :Part 7

Series on Fasting :Part 8


Hadiths relating to Ramadhan

Hadiths and Verses from Quran on Ramadan

The Month of Mercy, Forgiveness and Deliverance

10 Hadiths on Ramadan Last Blessed Nights

Some more Hadiths on Ramadan

Herbs in Hadith: Part 1/2: Exotic Herbs

Herbs in Hadith: Part 2/2: Ramadan Herbs


Those who must make up for the missed days

The Arrival of Ramadan

Different Locations

Essential elements of fasting, the intention

Essential elements of fasting; who must fast

Unintentional mistakes


The Month of Forgiveness - Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

Ramadan, a gift for Muslims by Nouman Ali Khan

Fasting, Materialism and Time Management: Ramadan Advice by Imam Suhaib Webb

Ramadan Action Plan - Nouman Ali Khan

The month of Ramadan is coming ~ Mufti Ismail Menk 2014




What is Iitikaf?

[PDF] Itikaf - The Spiritual Retreat

I`tikaf (Spiritual Retreat): Its meaning & legitimacy

Can Women Perform I`tikaf in the Mosque?

Spending Days in Mosques

Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3: I'tikaf or Seclusion in the Mosque

I'itkaaf explained in detail


Night of Power

When the Night Equals a Thousand

What to do in the Last Ten Days of Ramadan?

The best night of the year

Hadiths and Qur'an on Laylat Al-Qadr




Kissing One's Spouse while Fasting

Ejaculation Due to Foreplay With Wife While Fasting

Hugging One's Spouse While Fasting

Having Intercourse with One's Spouse During Ramadan

When a Fasting Person Should Stop Eating

Ramadan: The Month of Virtues and Blessings

Question and Answers on Ramadhan

In Ramadan, My Wife Doesn't Want to Sleep with Me

My Job Is Hard: Can I Abandon Fasting?

Back Home: Should a Traveler Fast Rest of the Day?

Neglecting Fasting in Ramadan: Any Expiation?

Does Swallowing Our Own Saliva Invalidate the Fasting?

Prayer and Fasting in the Two Poles


Health Tips during Fasting

[PDF] Ramadan Health and Spirituality Guide - Department of Health, UK

Towards a healthy Ramadan

Diabetes leaflet lauched for Ramadhan

Labs explore health effects of Ramadan

Fasting is beneficial to the immune system: Study shows it triggers stem cell regeneration

The positive impact of fasting on your health

Fasting can help protect against brain diseases (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), scientists say


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16/07/2015 Hundreds Revert to Islam in Ramadan
16/07/2015 #Mecca_Live Hashtag Marks The End of Ramadan
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26/06/2014 Twitter launches Ramadan 'hashflags'
26/06/2014 Ramadan in Morocco Has a Different Flavor
06/08/2013 Blind Muslims Observe Ramadan With Braille Qurans
06/08/2013 Nubian Muslims observe Ramadan in Kenya's squatter settlements
05/08/2013 Ramadan with the rebels of Mindanao
05/08/2013 Grand Mosque scholar breaks Ramadan fast with cleaners
04/08/2013 India: Country's largest Ramadan prayer meet begins
04/08/2013 Algerians protest against mandatory fasting
03/08/2013 Feeding Paris’s poor and homeless during Ramadan
03/08/2013 Palestinian Muslims Struggle To Worship In Jerusalem For Ramadan's Final Friday Prayer At Al-Aqsa Mosque
03/08/2013 Street food safety worries Indonesians
01/08/2013 Ramadan Tests German Muslim Athletes
31/07/2013 Dubai Non-Muslims Fast For A Day
31/07/2013 Malawi Hosts Iftar for Muslim Women
30/07/2013 Aussie Muslims Share Ramadan Festivities
26/07/2013 Ramadan in Gaza: Life in a cemetery
26/07/2013 Tehran during Ramadan: 'nobody is really in the spirit'
24/07/2013 India Accommodates Muslims’ Ramadan
23/07/2013 Ramadan Connects Nigeria’s Faiths
20/07/2013 Support for Muslim converts during Ramadan
19/07/2013 Free Iftars Color Nigeria Ramadan
18/07/2013 Bulgaria’s Interfaith Ramadan Iftars
14/07/2013 Russian Muslims Welcome Ramadan
12/07/2013 Japan Free Iftars Welcome Ramadan
12/07/2013 UK Muslims Share Ramadan With Homeless
10/07/2013 Increasing number of non-Muslims taking part in Ramadan in Minnesota
09/07/2013 Ramadan 2013: Fasting for the body, food for the soul - and how Muslim life in Britain has changed
06/07/2013 A Hungarian Revert Shares Her First Ramadan Experience
05/07/2013 Inflation Worries Tunisians as Ramadan Nears
05/07/2013 Ramadan Sun Challenges US Muslims
04/07/2013 Muslims Feed Needy Canadians in Ramadan
10/06/2013 How do Muslims observe Ramadan in places where the sun does not set?
05/06/2013 Pakistani Drummers Getting Ready for Ramadan
10/10/2012 The positive impact of fasting on your health
18/08/2012 Eid al-Fitr recipes to share at the dinner table
12/08/2012 Iraq Ramadan Drummers in Decline
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07/08/2012 Muslims in Sweden face stiffer Ramadan test
22/07/2012 Ramadan and the Olympics: to fast or not to fast?
17/07/2012 Being Shaped by Ramadan
16/07/2012 Ramadan Rain
16/07/2012 Special Ramadan for Georgia Muslims
09/07/2012 Ramadan: Another Chance to Get It Right
10/07/2012 10 great goals to set for this Ramadan
09/07/2012 Preparing for the Month of Mercy
29/08/2011 Ramadan, Counterculture, and Soul
23/08/2011 Fasting and football. How do top-flight Muslims cope?
22/08/2011 The Essence of Ramadan
21/08/2011 US footballers tackle Ramadan
16/08/2011 Ramadan: Beyond mere abstention from food and drink
29/07/2011 Ramadan etiquette: A guide to your Muslim neighbor’s holy month
28/07/2011 Playgroups provide Muslim mothers a place to teach children about Ramadan and other traditions
27/07/2011 Have a healthy Ramadan
27/07/2011 Sudanese fret about food prices as Ramadan approaches
27/07/2011 Saudi: Families in frantic search for maids as Ramadan nears
25/07/2011 Ramadan to begin on August 1, says astronomer
23/07/2011 Ramadan: Self-discipline rewarded
28/08/2010 'It takes its toll': when Ramadan and sport collide
27/08/2010 Ramadan News roundup
25/08/2010 Let's all fast during Ramadan
23/08/2010 Holy haircuts: Ramadan forces restraint on the Gulf's women
17/08/2010 Ramadan clash with 9/2011 anniversary raises fears of anti-Islam backlash
16/08/2010 No fasting, no football: 'Asia's Maradona' fired for violating Ramadan
12/08/2010 Pakistan flood survivors begin stricken Ramadan
21/09/2009 Hindu Iftar for Malegaon Muslims
14/09/2009 Ramadan stampede kills Karachi poor
14/09/2009 Charity give-away ends in fatal stampede
05/09/2009 Middle East hungry for TV during Ramadan
04/09/2009 Difficult Ramadan in Gaza
30/08/2009 Ramadan for a Dutch Muslim
29/08/2009 Brazil Muslims: Keeping Ramadan Traditions
25/08/2009 Ramadan in South Africa’s Prisons
23/08/2009 Iraq Ramadan... Back to Mosque
20/08/2009 Ramadan Moon Sighting
15/08/2009 Ramadan Starts August 21 in Europe: ECFR
27/09/2008 American Iftars for Activism
26/09/2008 Malaysia's Ramadan Bazaars
25/09/2008 Young Preachers Shine in Saudi Ramadan
25/09/2008 The Qur'an in Ramadan and All Year Round
25/09/2008 London I`tikaf
24/09/2008 Kashida for Bangladesh Suhur
23/09/2008 Students struggle to keep traditional Ramadan customs
23/09/2008 Ramadan: Lessons to Learn, Meanings to See
22/09/2008 How Muslim flashmobs can feed homeless people
21/09/2008 Maximize the last 10 days of Ramadan
18/09/2008 Nigeria Ramadan… Mountain Da`wah
18/09/2008 Bulgaria Ramadan…One Big Happy Family
18/09/2008 American Iftars for Non-Muslims
15/09/2008 Paris Ramadan
14/09/2008 Romania Ramadan…New Muslims Take Lead
14/09/2008 Egypt's Mercy Tables
13/09/2008 Saudis Divided on Televised Tarawih
11/09/2008 South Korean Mosques Full in Ramadan
09/09/2008 France's Mosques vs. Ramadan Turnout
08/09/2008 Curbs Imposed on Muslims in Western China During Ramadan
07/09/2008 Ramadan on British Campuses
06/09/2008 Ramadan Energizes Ottawa Muslims
06/09/2008 Ramadan Shows Diverse Memphis Muslims
30/08/2008 Rendezvous during Ramadan
29/08/2008 Healthy Ramadan campaign
26/08/2008 Ukraine's Spiritual Ramadan
28/09/2007 US Muslim Teens Encouraged to Fast
25/09/2007 Goteborg Mosque Dream Come True
25/09/2007 Qur'an Lights Casablanca Nights
24/09/2007 Ramadan Economic Blessings for Mumbai
23/09/2007 Finding Ramadan in Sweden
22/09/2007 Muslim smokers urged to quit at Ramadan
12/09/2007 Ramadan Wins Moroccan Vote
12/09/2007 Pakistanis Ready for Ramadan
11/09/2007 Ramadan Thursday in Most Countries
10/09/2007 Troubled EU Muslims Await Ramadan
09/09/2007 Ramadan Charity Dilemma for US Muslims
08/09/2007 Muslims prepare for Ramadan, their month of fasting
08/09/2007 Ramadan teaches self-discipline, righteousness
05/09/2007 Is Ramadan Coming? Somalis Ask
04/09/2007 Ramadan, Counterculture, and Soul
01/09/2007 Egypt Hikes Spur Early Ramadan Bags
30/10/2006 Muslim donation delivers half-ton of food to Crossroads center
29/10/2006 A diverse community of Muslims mixes traditions from around the world to celebrate Ramadan
18/10/2006 Muslims teach lesson in sacrifice
18/10/2006 Feast follows fast
18/10/2006 Recipes for Ramadan
17/10/2006 Ramadan Bags Solace Stranded in Egypt
16/10/2006 Ramadan reconnects diverse Muslim community
15/10/2006 Ramadan Comforts Malawi AIDS Victims
15/10/2006 Local Muslims reach out to homeless
13/10/2006 Ramadan TV soaps tackle militancy
08/10/2006 Ramadan, When Less Is More
08/10/2006 Shopping in Ramadan
05/10/2006 Islamic breaking of fast is all inclusive
04/10/2006 Ramadan Brings Smile to Kosova's Orphans
04/10/2006 Muslims Observe Ramadan Under Highly Unusual Circumstances
04/10/2006 A CLOSER LOOK: Muslims gather to honor Ramadan
01/10/2006 Malawi Mosques Champion Self-help Iftar
28/09/2006 Ramadan Bags Solace Egypt's Poor
27/09/2006 Prayer targeting Muslim conversion during Ramadan draws criticism
26/09/2006 Fine food and festive mood as Damascus celebrates Ramadan
26/09/2006 Ramadan Tests Filipino Reverts Mettle
26/09/2006 Moderate meals in Ramadan help keep good health
25/09/2006 "Ramadan Tent" Dominates Gulf Hotels
24/09/2006 Qur’an Lights Ramadan in Malawi
24/09/2006 US Muslims celebrate Ramadan with heavy hearts
24/09/2006 Aznar Wants Spain Conquest Apology
24/09/2006 'Victorious' Lebanon Welcomes Ramadan
24/09/2006 Iftar Brings UK Students Closer
23/09/2006 Ramadan Mubarak
23/09/2006 Millions Fast Saturday, Others Sunday
23/09/2006 There's much more to Ramadan than fasting
23/09/2006 Malaysia Prices Soaring Before Ramadan
23/09/2006 Iran takes to the skies for Ramadan
21/09/2006 Eating plan gets athlete through Ramadan fasts
18/09/2006 French Ramadan Calendars Good Advert
14/09/2006 US Islamic Centers Ready for Ramadan
14/09/2006 Somali Mosques Shine up for Ramadan
10/09/2006 Austrian Muslims Unify Ramadan Start
20/09/2006 'Nasrallah' the Hot Date in Cairo's Ramadan Markets
25/10/2005 Ramadan for a novice
12/10/2005 Ramadan Tales for French Children
11/10/2005 French Impressed by Ramadan Aura
06/10/2005 Fasting has spiritual meaning for Muslims
05/10/2005 Seven Strategies to Train Kids this Ramadan
04/10/2005 A Modern, Mystic Ramadan
04/10/2005 Ramadan Gatherings to Turn Political in Bahrain
04/10/2005 Iftar, Ramadan Events Color US Campus
04/10/2005 Dutch Islamic Web Sites Boom in Ramadan
03/10/2005 Iraqi Sunnis, Shiites Remain Divided on Moon Sighting
01/10/2005 Muslims purify themselves during Ramadan
01/10/2005 Helping needy stressed at Ramadan
10/09/2005 Ramadan a month for renewing one's relationship with God
11/11/2004 In Spirit of Ramadan, Muslims Serve Meals to Homeless - Washington Post
02/11/2004 Ramadan Without Flavor!
02/11/2004 Fasting online: Ramadan television faces Internet competition - Daily Star
29/10/2004 New Mosques for Russian Muslims in Ramadan
22/10/2004 Kid Slaying Shocks Swedish Muslims in Ramadan - Islam Online
19/10/2004 Algeria…Ramadan Food Packages for the Poor
14/10/2004 Ramadan Tastes Special in Morocco - Islam Online
28/11/2003 Uzbek Ramadan Singers 'Exploit' Tradition - IWPR
21/11/2003 Non-Muslims Break Fasting With Asian Muslims - Islam Online
27/10/2003 Aceh’s First Ramadan Under Martial Law - Islam Online
12/11/2002 Muslims serve history to guests for Ramadan - Chicago Tribune
05/11/2002 Ramadan and Healthy Eating - Islam Online


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