Yobs in racist attack on cab driver


A TERRIFIED taxi driver was left covered in blood by two customers who attacked him and damaged his cab in what he says was a racist assault. Black cab driver Mafoud Nana, aged 52, was attacked by two men after he dropped them off in Lowedges, Sheffield, late at night.

The drunken pair left the cab while shouting racist abuse at the Muslim taxi driver who was then attacked.

The attack comes following reports of widespread fear throughout Muslim communities over a backlash after London's terrorist attacks.

Mr Nana, of Exeter Place, Broomhall, told The Star: "This is the sort of thing that is happening nationally. It's so sad.

"One got out and grabbed the wind shield on the side window and began throwing pieces of it at my face. My head was bleeding. The other one tried to grab the wing mirror which is now damaged. The side of the door is also dented from where they kicked it in.

"They used really abusive language against Allah. Blood was pouring down my face so I went to hospital."

His wounds were treated at the Northern General.

Although he is still in shock after the attack, Mr Nana refuses to let the pair deter him from going back to work.

"I think this was a racially motivated attack. I don't look like I'm into religion, I never mentioned religion and I feel really sad that this has happened.

"I am not worried about going into work - I need to go to work and I have to pay for the damage done to my cab. I have done nothing wrong. I am not frightened, but I will be extremely careful in future of who I take as these two were drunk." Inspector Jayne Johnson, of Moss Way police station, said the attack, at 11pm on Friday night, was under investigation.

"We are treating this as an incident of assault and criminal damage because the man's car was damaged as well," she said.

"We will be getting in touch with the man to talk to him about exactly what happened.

"At this moment we are gathering the facts."

Anyone with information about the incident should contact Moss Way Police on 0114 296 3404.


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