Shock as racists leave meat in mosque

Jul 19 2005
Aled Blake, Western Mail

ANIMAL parts have been left in a Cardiff mosque as the backlash against the London bombings comes to Wales.

Racists sent hate mail to the Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre in Crwys Road and apparently broke in, leaving behind a large piece of meat.

The Muslim community in Cardiff has been left shocked by the incident and leaders have called for calm in all sections of society.

Plaid Cymru councillor Mohammed Sarul Islam said, "Meat against Islamic religious ways was left in the mosque.

"The hate letters we have received at the mosque have been unbelievable. It is just complete hatred, these people take advantage of these situations.

"The people of Wales and Cardiff should be more understanding not to let extremists take advantage. The community here is really shocked and upset.

"I never expected this to happen in Cardiff but unfortunately it has, it is shocking and upsetting.

"The police are involved in the case and it is now in their hands.

"They are going to send more patrols to this area so we are optimistic they will be helpful in keeping their eye on the community.

"Things like this don't happen in Wales.

"It is unacceptable and unbelievable so I have got to say I would have never expected this to happen here.

"It is beyond thinking, we are just not like that in Wales.

"We are a much fairer and more friendly society here."

Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru's Shadow Social Justice Minister, said, "Violence breeds violence; we have to break that cycle. Reprisals against any Muslim are utterly reprehensible.

"It's idiotic to blame an entire community for the actions of four individuals.

"I hope that people will condemn these attacks and I hope that relations and understanding between Muslims and their non-Muslim neighbours does not break down."

A spokesman for South Wales Police said, "A racial, abusive letter was sent to the mosque and that is being investigated.

"A meeting was held with representatives of the mosque and community officers from South Wales Police."


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