Islam and Muslims in Algeria

Algeria Flag

Capital: Algiers
Population: 43.5 million (July 2021 est.)
Muslims Percent: 99% (approx. 43.06 million)

Algeria in perspective [PDF]

Muslim impoverishment in colonial Algeria - Tony Smith [PDF]

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03/07/2014 World Cup 2014: Algeria 'to donate $9m World Cup prize money to people of Gaza’ - Independent, UK
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13/06/2013 Ailing Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 76, appears on TV - Al Jazeera
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10/05/2012 Algerian Islamic leader Ali Belhadj, opposes election - Al Jazeera
09/05/2012 Algerians to go to polls in nation left behind by Arab spring - The Guardian
07/02/2012 Algeria slides into prohibition - The Guardian
03/01/2012 Elkader: An Iowa town named after an Algerian, Muslim jihadist - PRI, USA
17/10/2011 France remembers Algerian massacre 50 years on - The Guardian
31/08/2011 Robert Fisk: Algeria sends the West a message by taking in Gaddafi's brood - Independent, UK
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25/08/2008 Algeria: 16 Years of Failure to Bring Stability - Islam Online
12/12/2007 Fears of al-Qaida link as blasts kill up to 67 - The Guardian
08/09/2007 Dozens Killed in Algeria Car Bomb - Islam Online
07/02/2007 Algeria suicide bomber kills 16 and wounding at least 74 - The Guardian
15/12/2005 Algerian Draft Bill Criminalizes French Colonialism - Islam Online
04/10/2005 Uneasy amnesty: Visions of a secular future for Algeria are already being thrown into doubt - The Guardian
07/01/2005 Algerian Islamic Parties Slam Francophonie Bid - Islam Online
23/09/2004 Algerian Education Reforms Draw Criticism - Islam Online
15/09/2004 Algeria’s Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) Split Over Political Mutation - Islam Online
06/09/2004 Mounting Rejection to Algeria's Family Law Amendments - Islam Online
03/07/2004 Algeria Mulls Scrapping Ban On Alcohol Imports to meet a requirement for joining WTO - Islam Online
23/06/2004 Missionary Work Reportedly Growing In Algeria - Islam Online
26/04/2004 Algeria Appoints Female ‘Religious Guides’ - Islam Online
14/04/2004 Islam and Democracy: Algerians Try to Blaze a Trail - NY Times
09/04/2004 Abdelaziz Bouteflika Wins Landslide Re-Election with 83.49 percent of the votes - Islam Online
30/12/2003 Political War Intensifies In Algeria - Islam Online
08/11/2003 Ramadan In Algeria Quiet, Secure - Islam Online
25/10/2003 Price Hikes, Insecurity Cast Pall Over Ramadan In Algeria - Islam Online
22/05/2003 Hundreds die in Algerian earthquake - The Guardian
03/03/2003 France, Algeria Re-launch Ties During Chirac Visit - Islam Online
02/03/2003 Thousands of Algerians Greet Chirac on Landmark Visit - Islam Online
24/12/2002 Beheaded monks victims of plot by military - Independent, UK
10/12/2002 US arms Algeria for fight against Islamic terror - Guardian, UK
16/10/2002 Algerian Islamic students shot dead - BBC, UK
07/03/2002 Twenty Six Killed In Algeria Violence - Islam Online
24/11/2001 Son of Algerian War Rape Victim Compensated by French Court - Islam Online
17/11/2001 Dead Rise to 707 After Storms as Chirac Prepares Landmark Visit to Algeria - Islam Online
30/08/2001 Harkis, Algerians Who Served France Claim Crimes Against Humanity - Islam Online
26/12/1999 50 Killed In Three Days Of Terror In Algeria - Islam Online


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