Central African Republic (CAR)

CAR Flag

Capital: Bangui
Population: 5.6 million
Muslims Percent: 15% (approx 840,000)

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01/09/2017 'People are dying': violence forces aid workers out of Central African Republic - The Guardian
07/08/2017 UN sees early warning signs of genocide in CAR - Al Jazeera
19/07/2017 Muslims return to CAR to find their homes are gone - Al Jazeera
20/06/2017 'Dozens killed' in CAR's Bria despite ceasefire deal
19/06/2017 IDPs in CAR: There is no food to break our Ramadan fast - Al Jazeera
17/06/2017 CAR: Church shelters Muslims fleeing Anti-balaka - Al Jazeera
03/06/2017 World's most neglected conflict rages on in the CAR - Al Jazeera
01/06/2017 CAR tops list of 'world's most neglected' crises - Al Jazeera
30/05/2017 UN warns of mass displacement in war-torn CAR - Al Jazeera
27/05/2017 CAR: Tension high among civilians as violence surges - Al Jazeera
09/05/2017 Four UN peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic - Al Jazeera
02/05/2017 Dozens of civilians killed in CAR violence: HRW - Al Jazeera
01/05/2017 Rich in Resources, This Nation Is Failing Anyway. Here’s Why. - National Geographic
30/04/2017 The forgotten war in the Central African Republic - Deutsche Welle
31/07/2015 Muslims being 'erased' from Central African Republic - Al Jazeera
28/07/2015 Central African Republic: Over a thousand people still searching for loved ones - ICRC
18/03/2015 US envoy: Almost every CAR mosque destroyed in war - Al Jazeera
24/12/2014 Violence Escalates in Central African Republic as Thousands of Muslims Remain Trapped in the Country
04/05/2014 Interactive: The war across the river - Al Jazeera
27/04/2014 Central African Republic removes Muslims from Bangui district - Deutsche Welle
07/04/2014 Central African Republic: Christians and Muslims Counter Ethnic Cleansing - Time
24/03/2014 CAR blighted by year of violence - Al Jazeera
19/12/2013 Christian Militias Slaughter CAR Muslims - OnIslam
17/12/2013 CAR Muslims, Christians Sow Peace Hopes - OnIslam
13/12/2013 Revenge Squads Terrorize CAR Muslims - OnIslam
11/12/2013 Mosques, Muslims' Shops Vandalized In CAR - OnIslam
08/12/2013 Central African Republic: Tragedy at Imam's House - OnIslam
07/12/2013 Sectarian Violence Flares In Central Africa - OnIslam
05/12/2013 Muslim Women, Children Killed in C.Africa - OnIslam
31/03/2013 ‘Muslim’ Coup Troubles Central Africa - OnIslam


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