Islam and Muslims in Chad

Chad Flag

Capital: N'Djamena
Population: 15.8 million (July 2018 est.)
Muslims Percent: 52.1% (approx 8.23 million)

Chad: A Country Study - Thomas Collelo, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, Dec. 1988 [PDF]

Lake Chad: The World’s Most Complex Humanitarian Disaster - New Yorker

N’Djamena, Capital of Islamic Culture for 2009 - ISESCO

28/02/2019 Easing fears and promoting gender equality in Chad’s girls-only classrooms - UN
09/02/2018 After 25 years, a breakthrough for victims of Chad dictator Hissène Habré - The Guardian
14/10/2017 Chad pulls out of fight against Boko Haram after Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' comes into force - Independent, UK
17/11/2016 Chad’s fertility rate is rising to dangerous levels - FT
05/08/2015 Why Chad's Muslim Population Didn't Oppose the Country's Burka Ban - Vice
11/07/2015 Suicide bomber in burqa kills 15 people in Chad capital - Reuters
21/06/2015 Chad's ban on burqa divides Muslims
02/02/2008 Chadian Rebels Seize Capital - IslamOnline
04/03/2007 Shadow of Darfur's killers follows refugees into wilderness of Chad - The Guardian
17/02/2007 Please send UN troops, say desperate Darfur refugees in Chad
20/12/2006 Darfur: Genocide without borders
17/11/2006 Sudan 'agrees' to Darfur peace plan as violence spreads to Chad
21/04/2006 As the genocide in Darfur goes on, chaos and killing spread to Sudan's neighbours
13/04/2006 Fighting Rages in Chad, AU Calls Emergency Meeting - IslamOnline
23/10/2000 Chad Hopes For Oil Bonanza From New Pipeline - IslamOnline
06/02/2000 Former Chadian Leader Hussein Habre Indicted - Islam Online


Islam in Chad - Wikipedia

Grand Mosque in NDjamena, Chad - Beautiful Mosques

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