Islam and Muslims in Egypt

Capital: Cairo
Population: 76 Million
Muslims Percent: 94% (approx. 71.5 Million)

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12/08/05 Egyptian censors block magazine - Guardian
03/08/05 Egypt's young call for change - BBC
03/08/05 Cairo youth break sex taboos - BBC
29/07/05 Mubarak to seek further term as Egyptian president - Guardian
26/07/05 A bridge too far - Guardian
24/07/05 World United in Denouncing Atrocity - Arab News
24/07/05 Two Britons among 88 dead as al-Qa'ida bombs hit resort - Independent
23/07/05 Egypt’s Vital Tourism Threatened by Blasts
23/07/05 Egypt Bombings Draw World Condemnation
23/07/05 Bombers kill 88 at Egyptian resort - Guardian
09/06/05 Egypt under fire for censorship - Guardian
17/05/05 Egyptian police 'too forceful' - Guardian
01/05/05 Veiled women in Cairo attacks - Observer, UK
01/03/05 A new Egypt waits to be born - Guardian
28/02/05 Egyptian Copts Angry at Doctors' Conversion - Islam Online
07/01/05 Christian-Muslim Rift Widens
29/12/04 Conversion to Islam goes political in Egypt - Media Monitors, UK
16/10/04 'Chirac dates' fall from grace during Ramadan in Cairo markets - Daily Star, Lebanon
21/03/04 Egypt's cultural shift reflects Islam's pull - Chicago Tribune
13/12/03 Veiled is beautiful, say Egypt's feminists and fashionistas
10/12/03 Egyptians Turn to Holy Medicine - Reuters
15/06/03 Holier Than Thou - Egypt Today
19/05/03 Stirrings in Egypt - IWPR
01/04/03 Secular Egyptians Find Solace in Islam

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