Islam and Muslims in Libya

Libya Flag

Capital: Tripoli
Population: 6.75 million (July 2018 est.)
Muslims Percent: 96.6% (approx. 6.52 million - virtually all Sunni Muslims)

Libya, A Historical and Cultural Overview by Helen Chapin Metz, ed., 1987 [PDF] [Version 2]

Libya: A Short Guide on the Conflict - Sari Arraf, June 2017 [PDF]

Muammar Qaddafi and Libya’s Strategic Culture by Craig R. Black [PDF]

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01/02/2019 As rival states jostle for power in Libya, the fate of one Gaddafi son hangs delicately in the balance - Independent, UK
24/01/2018 Twin car bombs kill dozens outside mosque in Benghazi - The Guardian
03/11/2017 Revealed: male rape used systematically in Libya as instrument of war - The Guardian
28/05/2017 Libya's Ansar al-Sharia announces dissolution - Al Jazeera
19/04/2017 Who Will Govern Libya Later This Year?
17/11/2016 In Libya 'there are no winners today' - Al Jazeera
20/10/2016 Libya's Revolutionary Musicians: Stronger than Bullets - Al Jazeera
17/02/2016 Libya: Gaddafi left behind a long, damaging legacy - Al Jazeera
19/11/2015 Libya’s Forgotten King, King Idris I, who unified Libya and became its first king in 1951 before being toppled by Gaddafi in 1969 - Al Jazeera
28/08/2015 Dozens of refugees die as boat sinks off Libyan coast - Al Jazeera
17/08/2015 ISIL 'brutally' quells rebellion in Libya's Sirte - Al Jazeera
21/02/2015 ISIL claims responsibility for deadly Libya blasts - Al Jazeera
17/02/2015 Libya on brink of collapse four years after revolution - Al Jazeera
29/01/2015 Libya: 'We're fed up with fighting' - Al Jazeera
02/11/2014 The West is silent as Libya falls into the abyss - Independent, UK
15/10/2014 Rival militias fight for Libya's Benghazi
27/07/2014 Libyan fighting leaves scores dead - Al Jazeera
11/05/2014 Saif al-Islam appears before Libya court - Al Jazeera
24/03/2014 Libya is a disaster we helped create. The west must take responsibility - The Guardian
08/11/2013 Heavy fighting rocks Libyan capital - Al Jazeera
08/10/2013 Son of Abu Anas al-Liby describes capture of al-Qaida suspect in Libya - The Guardian
07/10/2013 Libya demands explanation for US 'kidnapping' of al-Qaida leader al-Liby - The Guardian
03/09/2013 Special report: We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin - Independent, UK
28/07/2013 Some prisoners recaptured in Libya jail break - Al Jazeera
28/04/2013 Libya faces growing Islamist threat - The Guardian
21/10/2011 The Muammar Gaddafi story - BBC
20/10/2011 Muammar el-Qaddafi, Libyan Dictator, Is Dead at 69 - The New York Times
08/07/2011 Zintan ready to keep fighting
03/07/2011 Libya: 'We win or we die' - Al Jazeera
28/06/2011 Unlucky camel finds Libya's largest minefield, 500 mines laid by Gaddafi's forces near Misurata - Al Jazeera
18/06/2011 Muammar Gaddafi war crimes files revealed
30/05/2011 Gaddafi snatch squads took hundreds of men and boys from Misrata - Independent, UK
13/05/2011 Libya accuses Nato over bombing of imams - The Guardian
06/05/2011 Gaddafi's hidden billions may be used to fund the fighters of the resistance - Independent, UK
01/05/2011 Muammar Gaddafi's presidential bolt-hole - BBC
29/04/2011 Radio Free Libya shakes up Gaddafi regime from Misrata - The Guardian
02/04/2011 Libya: Defections in the ranks - Al Jazeera
01/04/2011 Gaddafi regime starts talks with the west to end conflict - The Guardian
19/02/2011 Libya forces 'open fire' at funeral - Al Jazeera
18/02/2011 Bahrain, Libya and Yemen try to crush protests with violence
15/08/2009 How Gaddafi came in from the cold - The Telegraph, UK
01/11/2008 Libya comes in from the cold
07/09/2008 Libya gives Niger 260 tonnes of food Ramadan
31/08/2008 Italy: Libya pay-off for 'colonial mistakes' - The Guardian
25/07/2008 Gaddafi son, Hannibal, sparks crisis with arrest at Swiss hotel - Belfast Telegraph
09/03/2007 Anthony Giddens: My chat with the colonel - The Guardian
03/03/2007 Hello and welcome: Frost takes the desert road for an audience with The Leader - The Guardian
24/03/2006 Gaddafi gives lesson on democracy - BBC
09/03/2006 Gateway to ancient wonders - The Guardian


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