Islam and Muslims in Mozambique

Mozambique Flag

Capital: Maputo
Population: 27.23 million (July 2018 est.)
Muslims Percent: 19.2% (approx. 5.23 million)

Islam in Northern Mozambique: A Historical Overview - Liazzat Bonate, June 2010 [PDF]

Roots of Diversity in Mozambican Islam - Liazzat J. K. Bonate, 2007 [PDF]

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Pakistanis who have never seen Pakistan - The Friday Times, Pakistan

27/03/2019 Mozambique: One million people without aid after cyclone Idai - Al Jazeera
22/03/2019 Death toll jumps to 400 in Mozambique storm as 15,000 await rescue - Al Jazeera
24/02/2019 How a local Mozambique Islamic group became Africa’s latest terror threat - Quartz, Africa
03/07/2018 Mozambique and the bond between Christians, Muslims and matriarchal culture - Vatican Insider
05/06/2018 Attackers hack seven to death in Mozambique - AL Jazeera
02/06/2018 How Mozambique’s smuggling barons nurtured jihadists - BBC
20/07/2014 An Appreciation of the Magical Waters of Mozambique - National Geographic
30/01/2014 Mozambique: a quiet beauty beneath the scars - The Telegraph, UK
03/08/2011 Muslims protest against the veil ban - The Economist
02/04/2008 Maputo Jamatkhana evokes a long history of Ismailis in Mozambique - The Ismaili
11/10/2000 Islamic Relief Donates $50,000 to Mozambique Flood Victims - ReliefWeb
05/07/1996 Mozambique fears growth of Islam - Mail&Guardian, South Africa


Islam in Mozambique - Wikipedia

Yao, Muslim in Mozambique - Joshua Project (Christian missionary website)


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