Islam and Muslims in Niger

Capital: Niamey
Population: 11.7 Million
Muslims Percent: 85% (approx. 10 Million)

Muslims in Niger

Niger embraces Islam - Reuters


18/08/05 Niger's women and children starve as men hoard food

14/08/05 Niger's agony spreads to her neighbours

11/08/05 'We have been eating leaves,' say Niger people

08/08/05 Aid too late for Niger's 'forgotten' children

08/08/05 A taste of salvation for Niger children deemed not ill enough for a hospital

04/08/05 Muslims will pray for rain in drought-stricken Niger - Charlotte Observer, USA

04/08/05 Meagre food for babies first and elderly last, as villages empty of life

01/08/05 Plenty of food, yet the poor are starving - Guardian

01/08/05 IMF and EU are blamed for starvation in Niger - Independent

28/07/05 Photographs: Crisis in Niger - Guardian

16/07/05 Niger to Integrate Islamic Schools Into State Education - Islam Online

05/03/05 Bought and sold for 250, 7,000 of the world's last slaves to be released - Guardian


EMERGENCY Relief Efforts in Niger and Mali

Photographs: Yaama Mosque, Niger

Niger Page - University of Pennsylvania

The Niger an Islam - The Negro, by W.E.B. Du Bois


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