Islam and Muslims in Nigeria

Nigeria Flag

Capital: Abuja (Before 1991 it was Lagos)
Population: 190 Million (Oct. 2017)
Muslims Percent: 50% (aproximately 95 Million)

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Islam in Nigeria: Simmering tensions - BBC

Latest News on Nigeria on Islamic News Updates

01/10/2017 Nigerians fear 'no end in sight' to Boko Haram fight - Al Jazeera
18/09/2017 Double suicide attack kills 15 people in Nigeria - Al Jazeera
23/09/2017 Lake Chad Basin: One long climate catastrophe - Al Jazeera
26/11/2016 The small African region with more refugees than all of Europe - The Guardian
19/10/2016 Outrage over actor Rahama Sadau's hug highlights Nigeria's divisions - The Guardian
23/07/2016 Nigeria lifts headscarf ban in Lagos schools - Al Jazeera
04/06/2016 Boko Haram can't even read Quran: Army Official
15/03/2016 Inside Kannywood: Nigeria's Muslim film industry - Al Jazeera
17/11/2015 Dozens killed in Nigeria market bombing - Al Jazeera
16/10/2015 Dozens die in double suicide bomb attack on Nigerian mosque - The Guardian
28/08/2015 Chibok schoolgirls: Nigeria marks 500 days since Boko Haram militants abducted more than 200 schoolgirls
03/07/2015 Boko Haram kills scores praying in Nigeria mosques - Al Jazeera
29/05/2015 Nigeria set for historic democratic handover to Buhari - Al Jazeera
24/01/2015 Media Fails Nigerians on Boko Haram Atrocities
11/01/2015 Nigeria's forgotten massacre: 2,000 slaughtered by Boko Haram, but the West is failing to help - Independent, UK
28/11/2014 Nigeria unrest: Kano mosque attack kills dozens - BBC
17/09/2014 Nigeria Between Sokoto, Gwoza Caliphates - OnIslam
31/08/2014 Can Nigerian youth destroy Boko Haram's caliphate? - Al Jazeera
10/05/2014 Boko Haram Smears Islam: Saudi Mufti - OnIslam
08/05/2014 Boko Haram attack kills hundreds in Nigeria - Al Jazeera
19/09/2013 Nigerian wins Muslim-only beauty pageant in Jakarta
02/09/2013 Nigeria's child brides: 'I thought being in labour would never end' - The Guardian
13/08/2013 Dozens killed in Nigeria mosque attack - Al Jazeera
19/07/2013 Free Iftars Color Nigeria Ramadan - OnIslam
04/05/2013 'Dozens dead' in Nigeria religious violence - Al Jazeera
03/05/2013 Jailed Boko Haram rebels seek pardon - Al Jazeera
27/03/2013 Nigeria Muslims, Christians Seek Hijab Deal - OnIslam
10/02/2013 Nigeria Islamists behead North Korean doctors - Indepedent, UK
29/09/2012 Nigeria will tear itself apart unless it finds a political solution to the violence in the north
09/01/2012 Nigeria unrest 'worse than 1960s civil war' - Al Jazeera
01/05/2010 U.S. may list Nigeria with worst religious abuse nations
10/03/2010 Nigerians Recount Night of Their Bloody Revenge - NY Times
08/03/2010 Hundreds dead as more religious violence hits Nigeria - The Guardian
30/07/2009 Thousands flee Nigeria violence - Al Jazeera
26/07/2009 Nigeria clashes kill dozens - Al Jazeera
30/06/2009 Nigeria's Boko Haram
17/10/2008 Nigerian man jailed for idleness - BBC
13/10/2008 Cleric Tasks Muslims on Kindness
08/12/2007 Nigeria's new face of Islam
03/05/2007 Christians live in dread as new, local Taliban rises in the north - The Guardian
31/01/2007 'Curse of oil' sees corruption soar in Nigeria
09/01/2007 Nigeria census reveals no change - BBC
01/11/2006 The Sultan of Sokoto
26/04/2006 Second Shari'ah Court Opens in South Nigeria
17/12/2005 Nigerian women riot over 'indecent' bikes ban
07/10/2004 Nigerian clashes: '50,000 killed' - BBC
22/09/2004 Nigeria's new breed of radical Islam - BBC
11/01/2014 Nigeria's Muslims Mark Prophet Birthday - OnIslam
14/05/2004 Nigerian Muslims Recount Horror of Attack
07/05/2004 Nigerian Muslims bury 600 after Christian slaughter - Guardian, UK
06/05/2004 Nigerian Christians accused of 'genocide' - Independent, UK
04/05/2004 80 killed as members of Nigerian Christian tribe attacks Muslim group
04/01/2002 Nigeria's first Sharia execution - BBC


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