Islam and Muslims in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Flag

Capital: Harare
Population: 14 million (July 2018 est.)
Muslims Percent: 1.5% (approx. 210,000)

The Arab Builders of Zimbabwe by James E. Mullan, 1969 [PDF]

Pre-Islamic Arabic Trade and Religion on the East Coast of Africa by Magdel le Roux, 2010 [PDF]

02/04/2018 Zimbabwean Grand Mufti Warns Liberian Muslims Against Physical, Speech Violence - Liberian Observer
14/05/2017 ‘Islam is rising in Zim’ - The Sunday Mail, Zimbabwe
04/05/2017 Robert Mugabe Thankful for Absence of Islam in ‘Highly Developed’ Zimbabwe - Newsweek
13/11/2016 The Steady Growth of Islam in Zimbabwe - The African Exponent
31/03/2015 Malawian Muslim Revives Islam in Zimbabwe - OnIslam
23/07/2014 Is Islam Spreading in Zimbabwe? - VOA Zim
10/08/2013 Zimbabwe Muslims celebrate Eid at the Barham Green mosque in Zimbabwe's second largest city of Bulawayo - World Bulletin


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