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24/05/2018 Cut out alcohol and bacon to slash cancer risk, say researchers - The Telegraph, UK
25/04/2018 The alcoholic beverages (red wine) that are worse for your skin, according to doctors - Independent, UK
08/04/2018 When stag nights go wrong - The Guardian
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03/01/2018 Alcohol can cause irreversible genetic damage to stem cells, says study - The Guardian
31/12/2017 Giving up alcohol for a year salvaged my mental health - The Guardian
17/12/2017 Western societies will 'give up alcohol' within a generation, leading drugs scientist claims - Independent, UK
09/06/2017 Last orders for Lithuanian teenagers as government cracks down on alcohol - The Guardian
23/05/2017 'Half a glass of wine every day' increases breast cancer risk - BBC
11/05/2017 I know how alcohol can ruin your mental health. So why is it so rarely discussed? - The Guardian
03/01/2017 Man cuts out alcohol and coffee for two years and this is what happened - Independent, UK
02/12/2016 Alcohol-related crime, lost output and ill health costs UK £52bn a year - The Guardian
18/11/2016 Alcohol-related cancer to kill 135,000 in England by 2035 - study - The Guardian
22/07/2016 Alcohol is a direct cause of seven ​​forms of cancer, finds study - The Guardian
27/11/2015 'Skunk' cannabis can cause 'significant' brain damage - Independent, UK
19/08/2015 One drink a day increases the risk of breast cancer by 15 per cent - The Telegraph, UK
27/08/2015 Bayern Muslim Players Refuse Glasses of Beer - OnIslam
13/06/2015 One in ten people 'unable to stop drinking once they've started' - Independent, UK
13/05/2015 Russia is quite literally drinking itself to death - Quartz
07/10/2014 The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert's devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless - The Daily Mail
06/08/2014 The science of alcohol: How does it affect your liver and heart? - Independent, UK
17/05/2014 Four glasses of wine is enough to harm your health, scientists say - Independent, UK
06/03/2014 My Drug and Alcohol History Reads Like a Sad Handwritten Book - Huffington Post
19/07/2013 Alcohol deaths in young women show 'worrying rise' - BBC
08/07/2013 One in ten primary school leavers 'has drunk alcohol in past week' - The Telegraph, UK
31/05/2013 Alcohol dependency prescriptions increase
27/02/2013 Many more Britons drinking harmfully than thought, survey suggests - The Guardian
23/01/2013 My brother, Hans Rausing, entered a world of addiction where no one in the end could follow him - The Guardian
25/08/2012 Even light drinking increases cancer risk - Independent, UK
18/08/2012 Tipsy taboo: Alcohol is a reality in Muslim lands, but discussing it remains off limits - The Economist
06/11/2011 'Halal Whisky', Non-alcoholic Beverage by Scottish Distillers Appalls World
06/07/2011 Alcohol damages DNA of unborn children beyond repair, says study
03/05/2009 Alcohol, Prostitution Rife in New Iraq
16/03/2009 A million women can't be wrong - The Guardian
15/03/2009 The families torn apart by teenage skunk epidemic - The Observer, UK
24/02/2009 Even small amounts of alcohol increase a woman's risk of cancer - The Guardian
15/11/2008 Troops' beer allowance a headache for Germans - The Guardian
29/10/2008 UK: More than 10 million people are drinking more than they should - Independent, UK
27/08/2008 France: Bonjour binge drinking - The Guardian
08/07/2008 Alcohol returns to Baghdad - Independent, UK
27/06/2008 Iran's Drugs Fight - Islam Online
02/04/2008 Jihad Against Drugs - Islam Online
29/03/2008 Regular binge drinking can cause long-term brain damage - study - The Guardian
16/03/2008 Wine is worse for the brain than beer, research finds - Independent, UK
19/02/2008 Drink and drugs can damage men's sperm, study suggests - The Guardian
09/12/2007 Drink culture: 'Alcohol is a drug and people get addicted, like my brother' - Independent, UK
20/11/2007 Exploding bladders: If you thought a hangover was bad ...
16/11/2007 Fifth of 10 to 15-year-olds 'get drunk regularly'
04/11/2007 Children & alcohol: Britain's deadly cocktail - Independent, UK
31/10/2007 Alcoholism in Australia: The wives who said time, gentlemen... - Independent, UK
21/10/2007 Drinking row doctor calls for alcohol tax rise - The Guardian
16/10/2007 UK: Scale of harmful middle class drinking revealed
26/09/2007 Three drinks a day increases risk of breast cancer by a third - Independent, UK
10/09/2007 Foetal alcohol syndrome: Drink destroyed my life - Independent, UK
09/09/2007 Cheese-like heroin killing Texan teens - The Observer, UK
30/07/2007 Daily glass of wine increases risk of bowel cancer, scientists find - Independent, UK
27/07/2007 Cannabis use linked to 40% rise in risk of schizophrenia - The Guardian
27/06/2007 Drink taking heavy toll on children - The Guardian
21/06/2007 Australia: Aborigines face ban on alcohol and porn - The Guardian
15/06/2007 Cologne and antiseptic: Russia's killer drinks - The Guardian
15/06/2007 Korean women reject 'drink or be fired' culture - Independent, UK
14/06/2007 Higher STD rates linked to increase in teenage drinking - Independent, UK
25/05/2007 Pregnant? Then don't touch alcohol is latest health advice - The Guardian
15/04/2007 Call to raise drinking age to 21 - BBC
04/04/2007 Chávez causes a froth by calling time on holiday booze - The Guardian
31/03/2007 Death of boy in alcoholic coma brings calls for law changes - The Guardian
18/02/2007 Special report: Under-age drinking - Independent, UK
07/11/2006 UK: Alcohol deaths double since 1991 - BBC
22/10/2006 Drunk & disorderly: Women in UK are worst binge drinkers in world
05/09/2006 Children of alcoholics 'damaged' - AA
03/09/2006 Children of alcoholics 'damaged' - BBC
10/08/2006 Robin Williams takes up drinking after 20 years, then goes into rehab
04/08/2006 Health experts warn of English addiction to binge drinking
09/07/2006 Katactpodpa!* (*Catastrophe!): Russians run out of booze
14/06/2006 Drinking no excuse for racial slurs
08/06/2006 Third of men drink to drown out job stress
12/05/2006 Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother
11/05/2006 Relatives of slain teens want tougher DWI law
07/05/2006 Alcohol is deadlier than ecstasy, says Government's drugs adviser
18/04/2006 Britons turn to alcohol to mask depression
16/04/2006 'I'm not drinking. I'm just self-medicating'
19/03/2006 'Drunk and proud' Spanish go on the rampage
15/03/2006 Alcohol-related illness soars as 1 in 18 addicts get treatment
05/02/2006 Date rape: The real problem
20/01/2006 Chechnya cracks down on drink - Guardian
15/01/2006 Drink and the modern girl
07/01/2006 'Russia's curse' casts pall over orthodox holiday
07/01/2006 'I've met people from all walks of life suffering this addiction'
06/01/2006 Sobering increase in Britons dying for a drink
02/01/2006 Stabbings and drunken violence mar New Year's Eve across country
02/01/2006 Adverts 'increase youth drinking'
28/01/2006 Alcohol becomes a flashpoint
16/01/2006 Admissions for chronic liver disease up nearly 100 per cent - Scotsman
23/12/2005 Alcohol the battleground in east-west conflict
20/12/2005 Drink deaths jump 350% in 20 years - Scotsman
19/12/2005 Scottish drink death toll goes up - BBC
18/12/2005 The effects of a month of binge drinking
17/12/2005 An ordinary 14-year-old who turned into a killer
15/12/2005 Alcohol takes toll on Scots NHS - BBC
02/12/2005 Two glasses of wine a day may not be good for heart
25/11/2005 France does have a drink problem, survey reveals
22/11/2005 Swedish ads urge EU alcohol curbs
21/11/2005 One-third believe victims of rape are to blame if they were drunk
20/11/2005 'I was ashamed, anguished, full of fear and self-loathing'
20/11/2005 What alcohol really does to your body
06/11/2005 Epidemic of liver disease hits women drinkers
24/10/2005 Population dip in Russia blamed on alcoholism and poverty
16/08/2005 Alcohol deaths rise by 20 per cent in five years
16/08/2005 Poison that is healthy in small quantities but deadly in excess
03/04/2005 More sexual assaults are caused by too much alcohol than by 'date rape' drugs
10/01/1999 So drunk, she could not recall tragedy
23/08/1998 Want a Baby? Say No to Drinks!


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