Hirsi Ali versus Mandela


Dear editor,

Re: Submission 2 to focus on gays and Islam

I think Somali-born MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has made it her profession to irritate Muslims, and in retaliation some stupid people on other side threaten her in a bid to show off their loyalty to Islam.

She gets into news, lives in a secured house, and all those expenses are paid by none other than hardworking taxpayer, who finds it much more difficult to meet his daily requirements.

I fail to understand why the media gives her so much attention when the relationship between the native Dutch and Muslim is already tense. She is simply fooling people and reaping the benefit of living on the expense of the exchequer. She is enjoying the media attention and popularity.

That becomes all the more important when you need an identity in an another land where you are an immigrant and you have to work hard to get even a meal. It is much easier to create controversy and live on taxpayers' money.

If she is so bothered about Muslim women, then it would be better if she works among them and tries to teach Muslims about real Koranic/Muslim values. Alternatively, she could run a shelter house for troubled Muslim women.

No, she does not do that - and why should she when she is leading a comfortable life at state expense.

When Mahatma Gandhi and his followers fought against Apartheid in South Africa they did not do it on state expense/or secure houses provided by state. They lived among black people and fought for them.

When he returned to India he fought "untouchability" by living among those people regarded as untouchables. He was not provided any luxuries by the British government in India. He lived among those untouchables, and worked on their behalf.

Nelson Mandela went to jail. People who liberated countries or communities were beaten up or tortured. They spent their lives in prisons. These great people showed a way of life by becoming examples for the victims they championed.

They did not go into hiding like Hirsi Ali, or live in a secure house at others' expense.

I have seen in modern India that some politicians make their careers by harping on the anti-Muslim tune. She is doing same in the Netherlands.


Amitabh Chowdhary


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