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Friday, 07 January 2005


Many of our readers will be familiar with the regular anti-Muslim rants delivered by Melanie Phillips (Mel P: 'Very Scary Spice' as we call her at UNSPUN). Mel P is a prolific writer and a zealous supporter of Israel. She has regular columns in the Daily Mail and the Jewish Chronicle. She also maintains a verbose online diary at her website:


Melanie Phillips was also cited in the recent Islamophobia report for a particularly vile and inflammatory post 9/11 piece she wrote for the Sunday Times in which she said:

“The attitude of many British Muslims should cause the greatest possible alarm that we have a fifth column in our midst...Thousands of alienated young Muslims, most of them born and bred here but who regard themselves as an army within, are waiting for an opportunity to help to destroy the society that sustains them. We now stare into the abyss, aghast.” (Sunday Times, Nov 4, 2001)

Well, on Jan 4 2005, Melanie Phillips' diary entry – called 'Dhimmi Britain' made very interesting reading. It seems that Mel P has become a regular reader of the Muslim Weekly (www.themuslimweekly.com). She is not very happy though. Oh no! She is particularly angry that a government minister, Mike O'Brien, took the time to write a comment piece for the Muslim Weekly in which  - according to Mel P - Mike O'Brien 'bent over backwards to appease Muslim sentiment.' Especially as there is 'relatively little genuine prejudice against Muslims' according to Mel P: an impartial observer if ever there was one!

But wait. That is not the worst of it. Mike O'Brien committed one of Melanie's cardinal sins - he had the temerity to mention Israel in a less than beautiful light. Mel P says:

"One of the most disgraceful and disquieting passages is about Israel."

In fact, all O'Brien had said was:

"The reality is that the only way a Palestinian state will be created is if Israel is prepared to concede land it currently occupies on the West Bank and Gaza."

We at UNSPUN hold no brief for the Labour Party or its cowardly leadership which followed George Bush into a dishonest and disgraceful war against Iraq. However, the pro-Israel lobby is clearly out to hammer a government minister who has been a good friend of British Muslims. O'Brien has met Muslim groups around the country to hear their concerns and was instrumental in getting the Labour Party to put forward proposals to Outlaw Incitement to Religious Hatred and Religious Discrimination - two key demands of British Muslims.

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We at UNSPUN urge you all to email Mike O'Brien at obrienm@parliament.uk and call upon him to remain firm despite the huge pressure that will be brought to bear on him by the Zionists. Don't forget to act - you can be sure that the Zionists will not forget.


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