Unbelievable Hypocrisy! Hate-filled Islamophobe stereotypes Muslims as 'Jew-haters'

Poor Melanie Phillips, the Islamophobic Zionist journalist, seems rather confused:

Racism is bad… when it's against Jews.
Racism is fine… when it's against Muslims.

Free-speech is great… when Kilroy attacks Arabs.
Free-speech is awful... when Desmond Tutu criticises Israel.

We're used to her hypocritical articles in the Daily Mail and Jewish Chronicle. However her latest rant was in the normally more reasonable newspaper, the Observer: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,6903,1153419,00.html

Please write to the Observer - Here's some points to use, in your own words:

  • Melanie Phillips displays article 'Return of the old hatred' (22/2/04) was extremely hypocritical, rightly condemning anti-Semitism, yet happily stereotyping Muslims as "Islamic Jew-haters".
  • Phillips has often been responsible for inciting hatred of Muslims, for example she described British Muslims as "a fifth column in our midst" (Sunday Times 4/11/01) and Islam as "fundamentally intolerant" (Spectator 11/5/02).
  • Phillips objects to questioning the "Britishness" of British Jews, but she is happy to make the same accusations against British Muslims - "they not only keep themselves separate from British society but expect it to change to accommodate their own values" (Daily Mail, 10/12/01).
  • While Phillips supported Kilroy's incitement of hatred against Arabs under the banner of 'free speech' (Daily Mail 19/1/04), she attacks Desmond Tutu's right to criticise those who support Israeli oppression.
  • Rather than taking Phillip's hypocritical and selective attitude we should unite in combating racism and religious discrimination in all its forms.
  • It is not anti-Semitic to oppose Israel's existence as a Zionist state - a state intended for a particular race, founded on ethnic cleansing. Many secular and religious Jews oppose Zionism, for example the orthodox movement, Neturei Karta.
  • To deny that comparisons with South African Apartheid are legitimate is to close your eyes to the facts: In the West Bank and Gaza the Palestinians are indisputably second-class citizens to the Jewish settlers. Within Israel 93% of land is administered by the Jewish National Fund and cannot be sold to non-Jews (who make up 1/5 of the population). Palestinians within Israel are not allowed to serve in the army and yet many jobs are only open to applicants who have done army service. Israeli proposals for a Palestinian 'state' have closely resembled South Africa's Bantustan policy - indeed Israel alone recognised South Africa's Bantustans.
  • Investigations by respected human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch don't exactly support Phillips glowing view of the Israeli Army's actions in Jenin.
  • Of course Israel isn't the only country in the world with a poor human rights record. But surely not anti-Semitic to expect Israel to live up to higher standards based on its own rhetoric of democracy, and evocation of the memory of horrors of the Holocaust.

Send to: letters@observer.co.uk

(Remember to include your full name, address and contact telephone number so that your letter can be considered for publication - you can request contact details remain confidential).


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