Salman Rushdie

Sir Salman's long journey - Priyamvada Gopal

The Satanic Verses Unexpurgated - Ahmed Deedat

02/07/07 Salman Rushdie 'to divorce' again
28/06/07 Just ignore Rushdie's knighthood
24/06/07 Rushdie honour breaks UN code, says Pakistan
22/06/07 Bhutto condemns Rushdie attack
20/06/07 Rushdie furore stuns honours committee
20/06/07 Iran and Pakistan call for explanation of Rushdie's knighthood
19/06/07 Rushdie knighthood rekindles 18-year-old controversy
19/06/07 Pakistan joins condemnation of Rushdie's honour
26/09/06 Salman Rushdie 'feels sorry' for Pope


Do We Need the Advice of an Apostate? - Living Tradition Blog

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