Islam in Bangladesh and Bengali Muslims

Bangladesh Flag

Capital: Dhaka
Population: 157.8 Million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 89% (approx. 140 Million)

Islam in Bangladesh

Islamization Of Bengal, 1202-1757

Bangladesh: A Poor Muslim Democracy

The Christianization of Bangladesh

[PDF] Widespread Evangelisation in Bangladesh - Md. Saidul Islam

[Video] The Muslim Heritage of Bangladesh

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13/09/2017 Sikhs come to aid of Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing Burma for Bangladesh - Independent, UK
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03/07/2016 Muslim student killed in Dhaka siege after refusing to desert friends in Western clothes - Independent, UK
28/03/2016 Keeping Islam as State Religion in Bangladesh Triggers Mixed Reactions - Voice of America
09/01/2011 WikiLeaks cables: Bangladeshi 'death squad' trained by UK government
01/03/2009 1,000 Bangladeshi border guards charged with murder after mutiny
04/09/2008 Losing the ground beneath their feet - The Guardian
04/09/2008 Climate change in Bangladesh [Pictures] - The Guardian
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15/03/2008 Inside the slave trade - Independent, UK
21/12/2007 Bangladesh cyclone: one million people are still
23/11/2007 No food, no clothes, no home. The poor who have lost everything
17/11/2007 Cyclone cuts trail of destruction through Bangladesh - 1,100 feared dead
22/09/2007 Bangladeshis or Pakistanis - Islam Online
09/08/2007 Bangladeshis Face Monsoon Flood Nightmare - Islam Online
17/07/2007 Bangladeshi police detain former PM on extortion charges - The Guardian
19/04/2007 Bangladesh: A nation in fear of drowning
12/02/2007 Bangladesh shaken by war of the dynasties - Independent, UK
23/10/2006 Eight die in stampedes for free cloth at Eid - The Guardian
17/09/2006 Bangladeshis Welcome Madrasah Recognition - Islam Online
22/03/2006 The truth about Bangladesh's Hindus - Rediff
30/11/2005 Fear of Islamic state in Bangladesh grows after bombers target courts
07/09/2005 How extremism came to Bangladesh - The Christian Science Monitor
18/08/2005 Quiet Bangladesh woken by bombs - The Christian Science Monitor
18/08/2005 Raids after Bangladesh explosions - BBC
21/06/2002 From Bangladesh to Brick Lane


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