Islam in Burma / Myanmar and Burmese Muslims (including Rohingya Muslims)

NEWS ARCHIVE 2000 - 2015

10/12/2015 Refugees from Myanmar say 'Delhi is our future' - Al Jazeera
15/11/2015 Myanmar's Muslims win no seats in new parliament - The Guardian
15/11/2015 Uncertainty looms for Myanmar's Muslims - Al Jazeera
08/11/2015 Myanmar holds crucial parliamentary election - Al Jazeera
28/10/2015 Exclusive: 'Strong evidence' of genocide in Myanmar - Al Jazeera
26/08/2015 Displaced Rohingya rocked by devastating floods - Al Jazeera
20/07/2015 Revealed: how the Thai fishing industry trafficks, imprisons and enslaves
19/06/2015 Rohingyas Seek Peaceful Ramadan In Aceh - OnIslam
14/06/2015 A Rohingya refugee's struggle in Thailand
14/06/2015 Burma's 'great terror' moves a step closer as Taliban urges Rohingya to 'take up the sword' - Independent, UK
04/06/2015 Are Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims the world's 'least wanted' people? - Jewish Jornal
28/05/2015 Dalai Lama Urges Suu Kyi to Defend Rohingyas - OnIslam
25/05/2015 Myanmar criticised for excluding Rohingyas from census - Al Jazeera
25/05/2015 Malaysia mass graves: Is the Burmese Rohingya minority being trafficked by force? - Independent, UK
25/05/2015 Burma's birth control law exposes Buddhist fear of Muslim minority
24/05/2015 Aung San Suu Kyi's inexcusable silence - Al Jazeera
22/05/2015 Myanmar navy announces rescue of stranded Rohingya - Al Jazeera
21/05/2015 DESPERATE JOURNEYS: The Rohingya People - Al Jazeera
17/05/2015 Stranded Rohingya migrants say: 'We're dying on board' - Al Jazeera
17/05/2015 Burma's boatpeople 'faced choice of annihilation or risking their lives at sea' - The Observer
14/05/2015 Myanmar Muslim migrants abandoned at sea have been 'drinking their own urine' to survive after Thailand refuses boat entry - Independent, UK
02/05/2015 Mass grave discovered in trafficked migrants 'prison camp' on Thai border
01/05/2015 Thailand: Mass Graves of Rohingya Found in Trafficking Camp - HRW
24/04/2015 UN Chief to Myanmar: Settle Rohingya Status Question - VOA News
08/04/2015 A reluctant hero of the Rohingya in Myanmar - Amnesty International
12/02/2015 Myanmar gives Rohingya voting rights, backtracks immediately - CNN
22/01/2015 Burmese Buddhist monk calls UN envoy a 'b****' and a 'whore'
30/12/2014 Rohingya refugees find safe haven in Kashmir - Al Jazeera
30/12/2014 UN calls for 'full Rohingya citizenship' - AL Jazeera
26/11/2014 Bangladesh proposes interning, repatriating up to 270K Rohingya to Myanmar - Al Jazeera
06/11/2014 Myanmar Policy's Message to Muslims: Get Out - NY Times
06/11/2014 Outcast: Adrift with Burma's Rohingya - Al Jazeera
30/08/2014 Myanmar 'loses ten million people' in census
22/08/2014 Enumeration of Rohingya population a 'complete failure', census observers say - Myanmar Times
21/08/2014 Burmese refugees wary over Thailand's changes - Al Jazeera
08/08/2014 Rohingya children in Myanmar camps going hungry - Bangkok Post
09/07/2014 Burma Muslims Abandon Mosques in Ramadan - OnIslam
01/07/2014 Rohingyas fear Myanmar citizenship checks - Al Jazeera
14/06/2014 Facebook in Myanmar: Amplifying hate speech? - Al Jazeera
28/04/2014 When will the world act on Myanmar's abuses? - Al Jazeera
02/04/2014 With 'Rohingya' not an option on census forms, Burma's new democracy is facing an identity crisis - Independent
30/03/2014 Tensions rise as Myanmar holds census - Al Jazeera
01/03/2014 MSF deeply shocked at expulsion from Myanmar - Al Jazeera
25/02/2014 Documents 'show Myanmar Rohingya discrimination is policy' - BBC
04/02/2014 Myanmar's Buddhist-Rohingya ethnic divide - Al Jazeera
17/01/2014 Muslims 'killed by Myanmar mob' - Bangkok Post
16/01/2014 No respite for Rohingya in Bangladesh - Al Jazeera
15/12/2013 Myanmar Must Stop Escalation of Violence Against Rohingya: Activist - Antara
11/12/2013 Rohingya are an indigenous people of Burma: OIC Sec-Gen
08/12/2013 Thai PM vows to consider Rohingya report
02/12/2013 Time for Soft Talk with Myanmar is Over - OnIslam
25/10/2013 UN envoy slams Myanmar's anti-Muslim violence - Al Jazeera
18/10/2013 No place for Islam? Buddhist nationalism in Myanmar - Al Jazeera
02/10/2013 Fear Grips Burma Muslims - OnIslam
12/09/2013 Rohingya Muslims face abuse in transit - Al Jazeera
25/08/2013 Burmese Buddhists riot after rumours of sexual assault by Muslim man - The Guardian
20/08/2013 Rohingya asylum seekers escape from Thai immigration centre
11/07/2013 Burma jails 25 Buddhists for mob killings of 36 Muslims in Meikhtila - The Guardian
14/06/2013 Ban Buddhist-Muslim Marriage: Burma Monks - OnIslam
06/06/2013 Rohingya violence effect: 900 Myanmar nationals detained in Malaysia - The Indian Express
03/06/2013 Burma's Rohingya people: a story of segregation and desperation - The Guardian
31/05/2013 The plight of Burma's Rohingya Muslims in a Thai camp - Channel 4, UK
31/05/2013 Rohingya people crammed in filthy cages in Thailand - Channel 4, UK
30/05/2013 Burma's Buddhist mobs sow fear amid widening unrest - The Guardian
29/05/2013 Sectarian violence erupts in Myanmar - Al Jazeera
25/05/2013 Killing with kindness: Burma's religious battleground - and the monks at the heart of it - Independent, UK
25/05/2013 Burmese Muslims given two-child limit - Independent
15/05/2013 Distrustful Rohingya dig in as Burma braces for cyclone Mahasen
14/05/2013 Myanmar's Muslims fret about mistreatment - Al Jazeera
11/05/2013 Myanmar Muslims living in constant fear - Al Jazeera
04/05/2013 Myanmar faces call for religious segregation - Al Jazeera
02/05/2013 Myanmar Rohingya violence report assailed
01/05/2013 Anti-Muslim violence hits central Myanmar
30/04/2013 Islamophobia: Myanmar's racist fault-line - Al Jazeera
29/04/2013 Myanmar Buddhists find identity in numbers - Al Jazeera
24/04/2013 Buddhist violence against Muslims in Myanmar 'wrong': Dalai Lama
22/04/2013 Burma Cleanses Rohingya Muslims - OnIslam
18/04/2013 Buddhist monk uses racism and rumours to spread hatred in Burma - The Guardian
14/04/2013 Burma's Scapegoated Muslims - OnIslam
09/04/2013 'They stood shouting at us to come out and be killed': Anti-Muslim violence in central Burma has left thousands of people homeless - Independent, UK
06/04/2013 Children bear brunt of Myanmar conflict - Al Jazeera
02/04/2013 Buddhism turns violent in Myanmar - Asia Times
02/04/2013 Burma Muslim Children Burnt Alive - OnIslam
30/03/2013 Fearful Muslims Abandon Burma Villages - OnIslam
28/03/2013 Burma Muslims Appeal for Respite
26/03/2013 Burma imposes curfews in townships after anti-Muslim violence - The Guardian
25/03/2013 Reform, riot and return in Myanmar - Al Jazeera
25/03/2013 Burma communal violence spreads - The Guardian
24/03/2013 Buddhist Attacks on Burma Mosques Escalate - OnIslam
23/03/2013 Myanmar refugees killed in fire at Thai camp - Al Jazeera
23/03/2013 Calm returns to Myanmar violence-hit city - AL Jazeera
22/03/2013 Deadly clashes in Burma between Buddhists and Muslims - The Guardian
21/03/2013 Many Dead, Mosques Burned in Burma Riots - OnIslam
17/03/2013 Rohingya refugees import 'mail-order' brides - AL Jazeera
26/02/2013 Rapes by Burmese security forces 'may cause more strife' in troubled region - The Guardian
22/02/2013 97 Burmese asylum seekers die after 25 days stranded at sea
02/01/2013 Thailand refuses to take in Rohingya refugees - Al Jazeera
09/12/2012 The Hidden Genocide: This is the story of a people fleeing the land where they were born - the Muslim Rohingya of Myanmar.
28/10/2012 Burma's junta admits deadly attacks on Muslims - The Guardian
28/10/2012 Myanmar violence displaces thousands - Al Jazeera
27/10/2012 Burma's leader admits deadly attacks on Muslims
27/10/2012 Burma attacks leave earth scorched - Independent, UK
24/10/2012 Buddhists in new clashes with Muslims
23/10/2012 From Myanmar to Mecca - Al Jazeera
13/09/2012 Rohingya and Buddhists remain divided
08/09/2012 Burma Generals Incite Buddhist Chauvinism - OnIslam
07/08/2012 Burma Lets the Rohingya Burn
05/08/2012 Bangladesh PM speaks out on Rohingya issue
03/08/2012 Dhaka bans NGOs from helping Rohingya
01/08/2012 Burma continues to practise rights abuses, report claims
01/08/2012 Report blasts Myanmar treatment of Rohingya
31/07/2012 Scant compassion for Muslim Rohingya refugees
28/07/2012 UN calls for inquiry into Myanmar riots
27/07/2012 Burma Monks Fuel Rohingya Muslim Hatred
24/07/2012 Burma's monks call for Muslim community to be shunned
23/07/2012 Why is the world ignoring Myanmar's Rohingya?
22/07/2012 Rohingya: The world's most forgotten people
20/07/2012 Burmese Muslims targeted in communal violence, says Amnesty
15/07/2012 US Muslims Plea for End to Rohingyas Plight
13/07/2012 Burma 'creating humanitarian crisis' with displacement camps in Arakan
17/06/2012 Uneasy calm in Myanmar's Rakhine
17/06/2012 Myanmar boat people swap violence for desperation
16/06/2012 Anger, fear linger after Myanmar communal clashes
15/06/2012 Myanmar: Plight of Muslim minority threatens country
15/06/2012 Special Report: Plight of Muslim minority threatens Myanmar Spring - Reuters
11/06/2012 Will Ethnic Violence Kill Burma's Fragile Reforms?
11/06/2012 Islamophobia and the fear of 'the other' in Myanmar
05/05/2012 Burmese Muslim Refugees on the verge of starvation on Delhi streets
30/01/2012 The Rohingya: Myanmar's outcasts
18/02/2010 Rohingya 'crackdown' in Bangladesh
11/02/2009 Refused citizenship in Myanmar, Rohingya migrants face hostility and suspicion abroad.
07/02/2009 Jolie turns spotlight on plight of refugees
04/02/2009 After 20 days adrift, Burmese boat people land with tales of abuse and starvation
03/02/2009 More Burmese 'boat people' rescued after being cast out of Thailand
27/01/2009 Rohingyas claim Myanmar abuse: Ethnic Muslim migrants say they were beaten on their way to Thailand in boats.
23/01/2009 Indonesia denies migrants asylum
07/05/2008 Myanmar Mosque Helps Cyclone Victims
30/09/2007 The other, invisible suffering of Burma
11/03/2006 Burma's forgotten Rohingya
08/05/2005 Illegal Myanmar migrants starving in Bangladesh
10/10/2004 Myanmar Muslims Struggling for Survival in Malaysia
13/11/2003 Stop anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar
03/11/2003 Muslim minority attacked in Myanmar
21/10/2003 Myanmar's Muslim sideshow
29/11/2002 Fresh Rohingya Muslim Influx into Bangladesh
18/07/2002 Rights Group Urges U.N. Focus on Myanmar Muslims' Plight
15/07/2002 Rohingya Muslims continue to suffer, thanks to indifference of neighbours and UN
19/06/2002 Myanmar Muslims Seeking Asylum Stay in U.N. Agency
10/02/2002 Muslims Killed In Myanmar - IOL
22/06/2001 OIC Condemns Attacks On Muslims In Myanmar
22/05/2001 Myanmar Curfew After Muslim-Buddhist Riots
19/10/2000 Brutality Against Muslim Minorities Exposed
07/09/2000 Myanmar Blasts U.S. Over Religious Repression Report


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