Some Photos of Islam and Muslims in China

Female imams Guo Dongping (green scarf) and Aisya Bai Yuxia (red scarf) greet other Muslim women in Sangpo village, Henan.

Religious revival ... an ethnic Hui Muslim stands in a mosque in Henan province where interest in Islam is intensifying.

A Uihgur stands outside the venerated Idkah Mosque in Kashgar as Chinese tourists take photographs (Richard Jones/Sinopix)

A muslim slum in Shayibag district on the edge of Urumqi City, Xinjiang Province, China (Richard Jones/Sinopix)

A sign above a street of Kashgar reads leaders and members of the illegal Islamic Liberation Party will be severely punished by law.

Local Uihgurs pass a 20 m-tall statue of Cahirman Mao that has been installed in The People's Square, Kashgar (Richard Jones/Sinopix)

A member of the ethnic Uighur population argues with a member of the imported Han Chinese population in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Province, China (Richard Jones/Sinopix)


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