Islam, Muslim and Politics in India (Hindustan, Bharat, Aryavart)

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Capital: New Delhi
Population: 1.24 Billion
Muslims Percent: 14% (approx 165 Million) [Note that unofficial Muslim population is around 20%]


History of Islam in India

Muslim Population in India (Infograph)

Muslims in India: Past and Present

The Muslim Rule in India

Amartya Sens Lecture : Part 1

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Muslim Ethos in Indian Literature

Muslims in Arts

Contribution of Muslims in India

Establishment Of Islamic Institutions Of Learning In India

The Eastward journey of Muslim Kingship

Muslims in India - A Historical Review

Towards Glorious and Invincible India with Islam

African rulers of India: That part of our history we choose to forget - The Indian Express

Dalit Muslims of India


Indian Muslim's priorities - Altaf Hussain Qadri

A Case Study of the Indian Muslims - Dr Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi

Could India be another Bosnia??

Indian Muslims an Opressed Minority

Indian Muslims and Education

The Political Misfortunes of Muslims

The Tragedy of Indian Muslims

The Evangelization of Indian Muslims


Beef Ban and Lynching of Indian Muslims

Love Jihad (Romeo Jihad)

News Archive at Islamic News Updates

18/11/2017 Muslim woman in India denied job for wearing hijab - Al Jazeera
17/10/2017 Abdul Qadeer : Meet the engineer who made over 900 MBBS doctors
23/04/2017 India's Cheraman mosque: A symbol of religious harmony - Al Jazeera
31/03/2017 The photographer giving Africans in India a voice - CNN
28/03/2017 '5,000-Strong Crowd Came With Pistols, Weapons': A Gujarat Village, Seared
26/03/2017 Rise of Hindu ‘extremist’ spooks Muslim minority in India’s heartland - The Guardian
26/02/2015 The Indian Muslim student beaten for posing with his female classmates
10/02/2015 India bans polygamy for Muslims as 'not fundamental right in Islam'
06/02/2015 Rise of Hindu nationalism alarms Indian minorities
19/01/2015 Muslims burned to death in India attack
01/01/2015 Muslim 'terror drill' draws outrage in India
31/12/2014 The forgotten riots of Bhagalpur
11/12/2014 Far-right RSS Tricks Muslims into Hinduism
15/10/2014 Eyes on Muslim Voters for Maharashtra Polls
14/10/2014 'Love jihad': War on romance in India
13/10/2014 Muslim families look after Kolkata synagogues
07/09/2014 Why India's Muslims are so moderate
04/07/2014 Worried Muslims of India [PHOTOS]
05/06/2014 Indian Muslim Killed Over Facebook Post
30/05/2014 Who did India's Muslims vote for in general election?
16/05/2014 India Muslims See Dim Future As Modi Wins
10/05/2014 India Muslims Dismiss Radicalization Fears
09/05/2014 Modi behind Indian Muslim Massacre in Assam?
09/05/2014 Voting Kills India's Assam Muslims
05/05/2014 Funeral held for India attack victims
03/05/2014 Dozens of Muslims killed in ethnic violence in north-east India
27/04/2014 India elections fail to inspire Kashmiris
25/04/2014 Welcome to Bhavnagar, where Muslims are free to live - as long as they change their name
04/04/2014 Muslims, Kingmakers in West Bengal
26/02/2014 Hindu nationalists are gaining power in India - and silencing enemies along the way
29/11/2005 Hindus are urged to go forth and multiply
07/11/2005 Three killed as Hindus attack Muslim village
30/10/2005 Faith no Bar
17/10/2005 Trains diverted after India riot - BBC
10/08/2005 US group says RSS is like al-Qaeda
07/07/2005 India convulsed by sectarian violence after Muslim attack on disputed temple
07/07/2005 Violent protests across India after attack on holy site - Guardian
14/06/2005 Villagers fall victim to India's caste war - Guardian
20/05/2005 'BJP wants another Godhra in Assam'
02/05/2005 India Muslim divorce code set out
21/03/2005 Indian-American community exerts growing clout back home
04/03/2005 Muslim Ethos In Indian Cinema
16/02/2005 UK temple rocked by terror claims
15/02/2005 The Importance Of Sania Mirza - Rediff
16/12/2004 Telugu book on Muslim role in the freedom movement
01/12/2004 A History of the present Indian Islam? - Milli Gazette
16/10/2004 Politics in demographics - Milli Gazette
07/09/2004 Indian Muslim community growing - BBC
20/04/2004 His Highness Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali Azim Jah, the Prince of Arcot: 'Muslims are not minorities' - Rediff
20/04/2004 Irfan Pathan brings Hindus, Muslims closer - Rediff
09/12/2003 3-year-old Muslim prodigy chants Sanskrit shlokas - Sify
22/11/2003 Hindus in UP fasting in solidarity with Muslims - New Nation, Bangladesh
22/11/2003 35 injured as attackers bomb packed mosque in western India - Channel News Asia
21/11/2003 26 hurt in explosion in Maharashtra mosque - Times of India
20/11/2003 Hindus urged to curb 'Muslim threat' by having big families - Guardian
13/10/2003 Babri Mosque: The Biased Eyes of Scientists - Islam Online
11/10/2003 Muslim Refugee Families in Kerala Return Home - Al Jazeerah Info
27/09/2003 In Cong-ruled state, Bajrang Dal makes a village 'Muslim-free' - Indian Express
15/09/2003 Heart of darkness - Guardian, UK
11/09/2003 Muslim boy dies saving Hindu kids - SIFY News
09/09/2003 Indian Muslim Leader Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize -
27/08/2003 Warning of rising Muslim anger over discrimination - Asia Times
25/08/2003 Saffron-Zion bhai bhai - Hindustan Times
19/08/2003 Storm over move to ban cow killings - Asia Times
17/08/2003 Indian Muslim's passion to protect Hindu temples - Swiss Politics
27/06/2003 AJC Honored Indian Official Charged in Riot - Forward
11/06/2003 Dig finds no sign of temple at Indian holy site
06/06/2003 Fears for India's secularism - BBC
22/05/2003 Indian man's 65 years as OAP - BBC
04/03/2003 India takes steps to expel illegal Muslim immigrants - Christian Science Monitor
22/10/2002 Murder of 'cow killers' in India prompts much soul searching - Guardian
20/10/2002 Low caste Hindus 'prefer Islam' - BBC
19/01/2002 Startling Facts about the Demolition of the Babri Mosque in India - Islam Online
21/07/2002 Militants seek Muslim-free India - Guardian, UK
01/10/1999 It's easy to exploit Muslims in the name of religion - The Hindu


Triple Talaq Controversy


Gujarat Massacre

Kashmir Dispute

Talaq (Divorce)

Polygamy/Polygyny and Islam

Honor/Honour Killing

Female Infanticide (Foeticide)



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