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Capital: Manila
Population: 104.2 (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 5% (approx. 5.21 million)

Islam in the Philippines - Wadja K. Esmula

Muslim Filipinos and Islam

The legacy of Islam in the Philippines

How Islam Got to the Philippines

Islam in the Philippines - extract from A Muslim Archipelago by Max L. Gross [PDF]

Continuous Struggle for Islamic Independence in Southern Philippines

Muslim Minority in the Philippines - Abhoud Syed M. Lingga [PDF]

Q & A on the Muslim rebellion in Philippine with Professor Thomas McKenna

30/01/2019 Philippines: Mosque in Zamboanga hit by deadly grenade attack - Al Jazeera
27/01/2019 Philippines church bombing: Twin blasts hit Jolo cathedral, ISIL claims responsibility - Al Jazeera
25/01/2019 Southern Philippines backs Muslim self-rule in landslide result - The Guardian
21/01/2019 Philippines' Muslim region votes on new autonomy law and Bangsamoro - Al Jazeera
12/07/2018 Vice mayor from Mindanao killed on Wednesday making him the fifth local official killed in the Philippines in July - Al Jazeera
08/07/2018 Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte says he will quit if someone can prove God exists - Independent, UK
23/01/2018 Philippines to fast track Muslim self-rule in Mindanao - Al Jazeera
27/12/2017 Villagers struggle in aftermath of Philippines storm - Al Jazeera
07/09/2017 A Muslim landowner in the Philippines took in Christians to protect them from Islamist extremists - Los Angeles Times
07/07/2017 Philippines police push for Muslim ID cards as counter-terrorism measure - The Guardian
29/06/2017 Marawi battle only latest chapter in long, fraught history of Islam in Philippines - ABC, Australia
10/06/2017 13 marines killed as fighting rages in Marawi City - Al Jazeera
09/06/2017 Muslim man saves 64 Christians from being executed by militants in Philippines - The Muslim Vibe
31/05/2017 Maute rebel group: A rising threat to Philippines - BBC
26/05/2017 Mindanao crisis: A city on fire - Al Jazeera
11/09/2016 Muslims Of Phillipines: Struggling For Dignity, Freedom And Equality - Huffington Post
10/09/2014 Philippines to enact law on Muslim autonomy - Al Jazeera
27/03/2014 Philippines and Muslim rebels sign peace deal - Al Jazeera
20/10/2013 Philippine Muslims ask for education boost - Al Jazeera
22/09/2013 Harmony at stake in multicultural Philippine city of Zamboanga - AL Jazeera
11/09/2013 Hostage crisis in Philippines brings Zamboanga to a standstill - Independent, UK
05/08/2013 Ramadan with the rebels of Mindanao - Al Jazeera
16/07/2011 DBM releases P251.6M for Muslim education
17/05/2011 A Moro Filipino shines at West Point - Inquirer
14/11/2008 Mindanao militias on the rise - Al Jazeera
13/11/2008 Victims of Philippines dirty war - Independent, UK
03/10/2008 Felimon Cayang's 'God's Army' Fights Filipino Muslim Home - Islam Online
27/09/2008 Mindanao's Forgotten Victims - Islam Online
27/09/2008 Mindanao's Forgotten Victims - IslamOnline
24/08/2008 Fighting intensifies in southern Philippines: military
17/07/2008 Plebiscite for Filipino Muslim Homeland - Islam Online
02/06/2008 Philippines: Catholic bishop backs Islamic state in south
04/05/2008 UK Fights Extremism in Philippines - Islam Online
14/02/2008 Hints of a massacre - The Manila Times
10/02/2008 Muslim leaders call for review of VFA - Inquirer
17/01/2008 Rights Violations Defy Mindanao Peace - Islam Online
26/11/2007 Filipino Muslims Pray for Equality Bill - Islam Online
21/03/2007 Philippines Madrasahs Dispel Fears
13/03/2007 Manila Troops on Know-Muslims Mission
10/03/2007 MILF Offered Self–Determination
18/01/2007 Filipino troops kill terror leader
11/11/2006 Manila Offers New Peace Deal to MILF
22/08/2006 Christians Document Filipino Muslims' Plight
01/08/2006 Manila Times Devotes Section to Muslims
13/07/2006 Filipino MP Proposes Islamic University
18/06/2006 Philippine Public Schools Teach Islam, Arabic
11/06/2006 Muslim Sculptor Wins Filipino National Order
22/05/2006 OIC Team Checks Mindanao Peace Implementation
04/05/2006 Religion Influences Filipino Names
03/05/2006 Mindanao Muslims Plan Protection for Endangered Marsh
06/03/2006 Manila's Sole Islamic Bank for Sale
25/01/2006 Arroyo Under Fire Over Religious Teacher's Arrest
25/12/2005 Filipino Muslim, Rights Groups Urge Axing Anti-Terror Bill
19/12/2005 Manila Muslims Get New Cemetery
18/12/2005 Manila Seeks Al-Azhar Help for "Moderate" Muslims - Islam Online
28/11/2005 In Philippines, watchful eye on converts - The Christian Science Monitor
28/10/2005 Filipino Reverts Use Iftar to Integrate
26/10/2005 "Islam Hour" Help Filipinos Understand Faith - Islam Online
29/09/2005 Internships Help Filipino Muslim Professionals - Islam Online
21/09/2005 Filipino Muslims Liken Arroyo to Marcos
15/09/2005 Filipino "Halal" Industry Booming - Islam Online
26/08/2005 Peace Quest Wins Muslim Women Nobel Nominations
16/08/2005 Filipino Reverts Form Council of Elders - Islam Online
08/08/2005 Muslim Mindanao elections underway
08/08/2005 Filipino Muslim South Votes, Peace at Risk - Islam Online
26/07/2005 More Students Taking up Islamic Studies in Philippines
24/06/2005 Business Meeting to Help Mindanao Economy - Islam Online
21/06/2005 Troupe Revives Artistic Legacy of Muslim Mindanao
20/04/2005 Filipino Gross HR Violations in Sulu
07/04/2005 Filipinos Decry Anti-Muslim Profiling Memo - Islam Online
16/03/2005 Police kill 22 Islamist militants in Manila jail siege - Guardian, UK
18/02/2005 Moro Women slam Arroyo for her crusade against Moro people - Mindanews
15/02/2005 Bombings Trigger Fears of Filipino Muslims - Islam Online
15/02/2005 Poverty & injustice
28/01/2005 How Islam Got to the Philippines And what the Sultan of Sulu has to do with it. - Slate
02/01/2005 Filipino Muslims Bid “Bad” 2004 Farewell - Islam Online
16/12/2004 Oil Exploration to Help Mindanao’s Economy - Islam Online
18/11/2004 Senate Bill Seeks Developing Madrasahs in Philippine
16/11/2004 Most Filipinos Positively View Islam: Survey - Islam Online
02/11/2004 Mindanao independence no longer possible, says cleric
30/10/2004 Foreign Scholars Promote Peace in Mindanao - Islam Online
25/10/2004 Filipino Muslims Fight Islamophobia in Ramadan - Islam Online
14/10/2004 Philippine Muslim Mindanao left hungry for self-rule
01/10/2004 Christianity As A Way Of Life - Minda News
14/09/2004 Muslim schools to start teaching English, Filipino
08/07/2004 Filipino Muslim Rebels Don’t Object to U.S. War Games
12/06/2004 Robin Padilla puts up school for Muslim kids - Manila Bulletin
03/06/2004 U.S. Institute Regrets Expulsion Of Muslim Professor
17/05/2004 Filipino Muslim Candidate Accuses Army Of Election Fraud - Islam Online
27/04/2004 International Report Slams Philippines Over Mindanao - Islam Online
08/04/2004 Salam Police No Solution To Filipino Muslims Problems - Islam Online
30/03/2004 Arrest Of 'Alleged Terrorists' Alarms Filipino Muslims - Islam Online
29/03/2004 Filipino Muslims Condemn 'Terrorist Label' - Islam Online
27/03/2004 Local Muslim women break barriers - Manila Bulettin
23/03/2004 Increase in Muslim Voters Noted - Manila Times
19/11/2003 Muslims identify with ‘terrorist’ ideals - Manila Times
18/11/2003 Islam attracts the disillusioned - Manila Times
17/11/2003 When Christians embrace Islam - Manila Times
22/09/2003 Muslim Mindanao To Witness Economic Boom: Investors - IOL
27/08/2003 Mindanao: The Hazy Shade of Peace in the Philippines
15/08/2003 Is the Philippine government bombing its own people for dollars? - Guardian, UK
03/06/2003 Mindanao's Muslim refugees - BBC
28/05/2003 Philippines rebels call ceasefire - BBC
06/05/2003 The Philippines' MILF rebels - BBC
03/02/2002 Innocent Muslims killed as Bush allies 'crusade' - Observer, UK
05/06/2001 Who Are The Abu Sayyaf? - Islam Online


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