Islam and Muslims in Thailand

Thailand Flag

Capital: Bangkok
Population: 68 million
Muslims Percent: 4.3% (approx 3 million)

History and Politics of the Muslims in Thailand - Thanet Aphornsuvan [PDF]

Islam in Thiland before the Bangkok period - Raymond Scupin [PDF]

01/09/2018 The dark secret of Thailand’s Muslim child brides - The Guardian
26/06/2018 Thailand's junta renews corruption crackdown on Buddhist monks - The Guardian
19/06/2017 Guilty verdicts for Rohingya trafficking deaths
26/05/2017 Peace eludes Thailand's mainly Muslim south
05/03/2016 A trafficked fisherman's tale: 'My life was destroyed’
05/05/2015 Thailand, dozens of Rohingya buried in mass graves, four arrests
02/05/2015 Mass grave discovered in trafficked migrants 'prison camp' on Thai border
25/12/2014 The Thai village that escaped the tsunami
04/09/2014 Safe zones sought in south Thailand conflict
31/05/2013 Rohingya people crammed in filthy cages in Thailand - Channel 4, UK
31/05/2013 The plight of Burma's Rohingya Muslims in a Thai camp
26/03/2013 The secret war in Thailand's deep south
28/02/2013 Thailand and rebels agree to peace talks - Al Jazeera
05/11/2012 Thailand says Muslim fighters seeking peace - Al Jazeera
25/10/2012 Massacre of Thai Muslims at Tak Bai remembered - Al Jazeera
27/02/2012 Restoring harmony between Bangkok and the Malay Muslims of South Thailand - Al Jazeera
09/06/2009 Thai separatists to continue fight
22/08/2008 Bomb kills 21 in south Thailand: police
20/08/2008 Thailand seeking to increase global share of halal food market
21/03/2008 South Thai violence toll tops 3,000 - Al Jazeera
18/01/2008 Thailand Admits South Failure
16/10/2007 Thai Pesantrens Fight Radicalism
28/02/2007 Thai TV Reaches Out to Muslims
06/02/2007 Lost in Her Country
15/12/2006 More Thai Muslims Fleeing South
07/11/2006 Thailand Compensates Muslim Victims
22/10/2006 Thai Films Bridge Muslim-Buddhist Gap
18/10/2006 Thai coup brings hope for south - BBC
18/10/2006 Thai PM 'to reach out to Muslims' - BBC
10/10/2006 Thai king Backs South Peace Drive
17/09/2006 Thai Gov't Blamed for South Unrest
09/08/2006 Fighting Thailand's insurgents - BBC
07/08/2006 Lifting the lid on Thai insurgents - BBC
06/08/2006 Violence and vendettas in Thai south - BBC
10/05/2006 Thai Muslims Planning Own Party
28/01/2006 By day, there is a quiet menace, by night, the shootings begin - The Guardian
23/01/2006 'Huge number of unidentified bodies' in Thailand
23/09/2005 Insurgents plunge Thailand into security crisis
22/09/2005 Thai Muslims Fear "Collective Punishment"
29/10/2004 Thai inquiry over Muslim deaths - BBC
27/10/2004 Thai PM defiant after 78 Muslims die in custody
27/10/2004 78 Thai Muslims Die After Protest - Washington Post
12/05/2004 Shock and Awe in Pattani: Muslims Under Attack in Thailand
19/12/2003 Thai Muslims naming babies Saddam in protest over US invasion


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