Islam and Muslims in Vietnam

Vietnam Flag

Capital: Hanoi
Population: 97 million (July 2018 est.)
Muslims Percent: 0.1% (roughly 100,000)

History of Islam in Vietnam

Who are the Vietnamese Muslims?

Mosques in Vietnam

Islam at the Margins: The Muslims of Indochina by Omar Farouk and Hiroyuki Yamamoto, 2008 [PDF]

Bani Islam Cham in Vietnam - Ba Trung Phu, 2008 [PDF]

Isolated Muslim communities: Do you know the Cham Muslims of Vietnam?

The Cham: Descendants of Ancient Rulers of South China Sea Watch Maritime Dispute From Sidelines

Oppression of Cham Muslims being overlooked

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Vietnamese Muslims Association

Tomb of Princess from Champa

Halal Food and Muslim Tours in Hanoi

Islamic Community of Ho Chi Minh City


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