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Ruqyah: How and When?

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Believing the Harmful Effects of Magic

Is Magic the Reason for Remaining Unmarried?

Is It Possible to Contact the Spirits of the Dead?

Wearing Amulets

Seeking help from dead saints, etc for cure

How Islam Views the Use of 'Susuk'

Magic Shows to Entertain Children

Black Magic other questions

16/02/2018 The playboy who got away with $242m - using 'black magic' - BBC
26/10/2017 UK: Luton woman jailed for at least 22 years after admitting sister's murder - The Guardian
25/09/2017 I Asked a Muslim Sorcerer to Put a Spell on My Girlfriend
19/08/2016 THE JINN BUSTERS: Meet the man who carries out Islamic exorcisms in UK
15/09/2015 Muslim exorcist stabbed to death at his black magic healing centre in east London - Mirror, UK
03/07/2014 Pakistan police investigate after young woman dies during exorcism - Independent, UK
18/04/2014 Birds, snakes, and throwing meat: Superstition and black magic in Pakistan
05/01/2014 NJ Muslim Tried to Kill Wife with Black Magic, Before Faking Hate Crime - Front Page Magazine
06/09/2013 Coconut detained in Maldives over vote-rigging claims - The Guardian
12/06/2013 In 21st century Islam it is not acceptable to blame evil spirits for torture and murder - Independent Blogs
05/05/2011 Muslim bodies, Hindu spirits - Haroon Khalid follows the dark paths of black magic in Pakistan
06/04/2011 The curse of 'juju' that drives sex slaves to Europe - Independent, UK
13/05/2010 Of Black Magic and Witchcraft
22/02/2010 Beyond Exorcism: Black Magic Spells, Pieces of Sihr (Talismans/Amulets), and the Disease of Hasad (Envy) - Muslim Matters
09/11/2008 Nigeria: Scandal of the children killed for 'witchcraft' - The Independent
07/08/2007 Under the "Imperio" Spell - Islam Online
01/03/2007 Malawi Children Fall Prey to Witchcraft - Islam Online
21/02/2007 Satanism Surfaces In Morocco - Islam Online
15/07/2001 Teenage Black Magic Cult Exposed in Malaysia - Islam Online


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