Buddhas are only Preachers

The Tathagatas (Buddhas) are only preachers." (The Dhammapada. S. B. E. Vol. X. p. 67.)

"You yourself must make a effort, The Tathagatas (Buddhas) are only preachers.

The Koran very clearly gives out the same plan of salvation as the Buddhist scriptures, and declares in most unambiguous terms that Mohammed is only a preacher:-

(1) "Say, O men, verily I am only a public preacher unto you. And they who believe and do good works shall obtain forgiveness and an honourable provision. But those who endeavour to make Our signs of none effect (shall be) the inhabitants of hell." (XXII. p. 332.)

(2) "The duty of (Our) apostle is only public preaching." (XXIV. p. 351)

(3) "Answer, Signs are in the power of God alone, and I am (no more than) a public preacher." (XXIX. p. 392)

(4) "Thou art (commissioned to be) a preacher only." (XIII. p. 240.)

(5) "Verily, I am no more than a denouncer of threats, and a messenger of good tidings unto people who believe." (VIII. p. 164.)

(6) "He is no other than a public preacher." (VIII. p. 164)

(7) "Say, O Mohammed, unto the idolaters, Verily I am no other than a warner." (XXXVIII. p. 448)

(8) "Verily We have revealed unto thee the book (of the Koran) for (the instruction of) mankind, with truth. Whoso shall be directed (thereby), (shall be directed) to the advantage of his own soul; and whoso shall err, shall err only against the same; and thou (art) not a guardian over them" (XXXIX. p. 453)

(9) "But if (those to whom thou preachest) turn aside (from thy admonitions), verily We have not sent thee (to be) a guardian over them; thy duty a preaching only." (XLII. p. 472)

(10) "Thy duty a preaching only." (XVI. p. 264)

(11) "Say, I am a public preacher." (XV. p. 255)

(12) "Verily unto thee (belongeth) preaching (only) ." (XIII. p. 244)

(13) "Verily thou art a preacher (only), and God is the Governor of all things." (XI. p. 211)

Christians consider Jesus as the "saviour of the world,"(John. 4: 42) and Jesus never gave out in his lifetime that he was "only a preacher," and hence he cannot be the Buddha Maitreya.

According to majority of the Hindus Shankaracharya was an uninspired teacher. Hence we leave him out of consideration.

Mohammed is the Buddha Maitreya, because he preached that he was only a preacher.


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