The True Followers of Buddhas

The Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada, gives a characteristic of the true followers of Buddhas:-

"You yourself must make an effort, The Tathagatas (Buddhas) are only preachers, The thoughtful who enter the way are freed from the bondage of Mara." (S.B.E. Vol. X. p. 67.)

The word Mara means "the evil one, the tempter, the destroyer." (Carus. p. 251.)

Therefore Mara is Satan or Devil.

According to the Koran Mohammed taught that Satan has no power over true servants of God:-

(1) "(The devil) said, 0 Lord.....I will surely tempt them (to disobedience) in the earth: I will seduce them all, except (such) of them as shall be Thy chosen servants." (XV. p. 253.)

(2) "Verily (as to) My servants, thou shalt have no power over them; but (over) those only who shall be seduced, and who shall follow thee, And hell is surely denounced unto them all" (Ibid.)

(3) "(as to) My servants, thou devil shalt have no power over them; for thy Lord is a sufficient Protector (of those who trust in Him)." (XVII. p. 278.)

Hence according to the teachings of Mohammed it is clear that all those who submit to God entirely, are free from the bondage of Mara, and he has no dominion over them.

Jesus, the Christian scriptures inform us, has acknowledged Satan.

"THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD." (John. 12: 31.)

Saint Paul, like Jesus, considers Satan as

"THE GOD OF THIS WORLD." (2. Cor. 4; 4.)

If what is given above is correct, it is clear, that from the point of view of the teachings of Jesus all men are in the bondage of Mara in this world. None can be free from the bondage of Mara so long as he is in this world

"Man, since his fall, is under the tyranny and ~slavery of Satan." (Bible Concordance by Cruder. p. 130.)

Hence Jesus cannot be the Buddha Maitreya.

Shankaracharya, too, cannot be the Buddha Maitreya as be did not preach the gospel of freedom from the bondage of Mara.

Mohammed is the Buddha Maitreya, for he preached the glad tidings of the freedom from the bondage of Mara to all the righteous servants of God.


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