The meeting under the Bo-Tree

According to some Buddhist works the Buddha Maitreya is to preach with great success under the Botree.(Watters. Vol. II. p. 52.) Some of the pious Buddhists have expressed a wish to hear the Buddha Maitreya under this tree. I-tsing once expressed this desire:-

"Let me look for the first meeting under the tree of Dragon-flower to hear the deep rippling voice of the Buddha Maitreya." (Takakusu. p. 213.)

This meeting is clearly mentioned in the Koran "Now God was well pleased with true believers when they swore fidelity unto thee under the tree, and He knew that which (was) in their hearts: wherefore He sent down on them tranquillity of mind." (XLVIII. pp. 494-5)

"Tranquillity of mind" is nothing else but Nirvana.

We now give a description of the Bo-tree meeting according to some of the individuals who were present there:-

(1) "Abe Zobair relates........'We took the oath of fidelity to him (the prophet). (At this time) Omar was holding him by the hand under the Samorah tree, we all took the oath of allegiance to him except Jad bin Kais Ansari who hid himself under the stomach of his camel'" (M.Vol.V.P.2000)

(2) "Jabir relates :- On the day of Hodebeyya.........the apostle of God said, 'This day you are the best of all the people of the world.' If I had my eye-sight I would have pointed out this spot to you." (Ibid. pp. 2000.1)

(3) "Jabir relates :-The apostle of God said, 'None of those shall enter hell who sware fidelity to me under the tree."' (Ta. Vol. V. p. 86. A. T. & M. quoted.)

(4) "Mikal bin Yasar relates:- On the day (of the meeting under the tree) I myself saw the apostle of God receiving allegiance, and I was with-holding the branch of the tree from over his head..........We did not take the oath of allegiance (for fighting) unto death, but (we took the oath) for not deserting him." (M. Vol. V. p. 2001)

As no Bo-tree is known for Jesus and for Shankaracharya, hence the Bo-tree meeting for these is out of question. As a Bo-tree is known for Mohammed, and the meeting under this tree is famous in the history of Islam, hence he is the Buddha Maitreya.


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