The celestial Bo-tree

Some works on Buddhism give an account of a Celestial Bo-tree.

(a) This tree is of huge dimensions.

(b) For every Buddha this Bo-tree is common.

(c) By this Bo-tree a Buddha is visited by the archangel. Brahma.

(d) After his enlightenment a Buddha looks at this Bo-tree with a fixed gaze.


"The night Buddha entered his mother's womb on the same night a huge white lotus, springing up from the waters and parting the earth 68 millions of Yojanas (a Yojana is the day's march of an army, 7 miles) rose up in the middle of the world of Brahma. This Lotus only the Guide of men and Brahma are able to see." (Lalitvistara quoted in the Popular Life of Buddha by Lille)

(1) "Mahomet was suddenly transported aloft to the Lotus tree called Sadaret, which flourishes on the right hand of the invisible throne of Allah. The branches of this tree extend wider than the distance between the sun and the earth." (Irving. p. 81.)

(2) "Abu Hurera relates :- The apostle of God said, 'In paradise there is a tree under the shade of which a rider can travel for a 7 hundred years" (T. Vol. II. p. 199.)

(3) "Abu Saeed Khudri relates :-The apostle of God said, 'In paradise there is a tree (such) that a rider can not cross its shade even in hundred years ." (Ibid)


"Bo-tree, the throne of the victories of all Buddhas........where all the Buddhas have crushed the desire of the flesh and beyond this none can pass, no, not even if he were a Sakka himself." (Jataka by Francis and Thomas. Vol. IV. p. 146-47)

According to the Koran this is the tree of' the farthest limit,


Sale gives this note:- "This tree, say the commentators, stands in the 7th heaven, on the right hand side of the throne of God, and is the utmost bound beyond which the angels must not pass." (P. 508 foot note)

"Ibn Abbas relates :-It is called the tree of the farthest limit for the knowledge of the angels ends there and none has passed beyond it save the apostle of God." (M. Vol. 1. p. 280)


Immediately after his enlightenment the arch-angel Brahma visited the Buddha Gautama by the Bo-tree.(Majjhima Nikaya by Silacara. p. 151.) The same thing happened to Mohammed, exactly like the Buddha Gautama.

The Koran runs thus:- 'He (the prophet) also saw him (archangel Gabriel) by the Lote-tree beyond which there is no passing." (LIII. p. 508)


"Then the World Honoured One, having risen from his lion throne, and gone out a short distance from the Bodhi tree, and sitting down with his legs crossed, remained immovable during other 7 days, beholding the Bodhi tree without removing his eyes, after times a tower was erected on this spot, and called 'Not lifting the eyes.' " (Romantic History of Buddha by Beal. p. 237)

The Koran also speaks of the same thing of Mohammed:- "He saw him another time by the lote-tree, beyond which there is no passing: near it is the garden of (eternal) abode. When the lote-tree covered that which it covered, (his) eye-sight turned not aside, neither did it wander: and he beheld (some) of the greatest signs of his Lord." (LIII. p. 508)

The Bo-tree gaze of the prophet is mentioned in the Hadis literature:- "Anas relates The apostle of God said, 'When the command of God covered that tree, it became such that no creature can describe its beauty.' " (M. Vol. I. P. 281.)

There being no celestial Bo-tree known for Shankaracharya, and for Jesus, hence neither of them can be the Buddha Maitreya. Mohammed is the Buddha Maitreya for the description of his celestial Bo-tree coincides with what is mentioned about tree in the Buddhist scriptures.


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