The Neck-Bone of Buddhas

".........the Blessed One..........gazed at Vesali with an elephant look." (S. B. E. Vol. XII. p. 64.)

"The Buddhas were accustomed, says Buddha-Ghosha, on looking backwards to turn the whole body round as an elephant does; because the bones in their neck were firmly fixed, more so than those of ordinary men. (Ibid. P. 64. foot note.)

"The neck-bone of all Buddhas is not like the links of a chain but consists of one single solid bone; hence when they wish to consider some object lying behind them, they cannot turn their heads backward, but the whole body, like that of an elephant, must follow the same motion." (The Legend of Gaudama by Bigandet. Vol. II. p. 35.)

There is clear evidence that Mohammed had such a neck-bone, and behaved like Buddhas:-

"If he turned in conversation towards a friend, he turned not partially, but with his full face, and his whole body." (The Life of Mohammad by Sir William Muir. pp. 511-12.)

Ali, the fourth Caliph, describes the prophet:

"..........When he would look this side or that side he would turn his whole body round." (Ta. Vol. VI. p. 99. T. quoted)

Once Ibn Abbas was going with the prophet, and they passed by a graveyard, and he relates:-

"The apostle of God..........turned round towards then (the buried) with his face, and said. 'O ye dwellers of the tombs............." (Ta. Vol. VI. p. 84. T. quoted)

There is an evidence of another kind. If a man possessing a neckbone like that of Buddhas were to bend down, his neck, back, and head must be in one straight line. The prophet was observed bending down during the prayer by his companions, and his head, the neck, and the back were found colinear. One of his companions, Abu Homaid Saaidi, relates that during the kneeling position in prayer the prophet "kept his neck in mid-position, he would neither lower down his head, nor keep it raised up (above the neck.)" (Ta. Vol. III. p. 196-7 B. T. and A. qaoted.)

Mr. Abul Hasan Mohammed Mohi-Uddin, the Judge of the High Court, of His Exalted Highness the Nizam of Hyderabad, considers by these words that during the kneeling position the head of the prophet remained "in one straight line with his back." (Ta. Vol. III. p. 197. foot note.)

There is no evidence to show that Jesus or Shankaracharya had neck-bones like those of Buddhas, and hence neither can be the Buddha Maitreya. Mohammed had his neckbone like those of Buddhas, and hence he is the Buddha Maitreya.


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