Islam and Muslims in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Flag

Capital: Astana (moved from Almaty to Astana in December 1998 )
Population: 18.5 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 70% (approx. 12.95 million)

Islam and Kazakhstan

15/08/2017 I’ll get my goat: Kazakhstan's ancient sport for modern times - The Guardian
26/10/2011 Islamist group threatens Kazakhstan over religion law - Arab News
14/10/2011 Kazakhstan passes restrictive religion law - Al Jazeera
03/03/2009 Czech Police Detain Leaders Of Kazakh Asylum Seekers - Radio Free Europe
30/05/2007 After Nazarbayev: The dictator, his daughter, and a dynasty at war - Independent, UK
23/11/2006 There must be plain speaking at the end of the red carpet - Guardian, UK
17/11/2006 Punished for preaching in mosques - Muslim News, UK
29/10/2006 The real face of Boratstan - Guardian, UK
22/10/2006 Borat: Come and visit us if you think you're hard enough - Independent, UK
20/10/2006 Kazakhstan invites Borat to see country for himself - Independent, UK
15/02/2006 'Death squad' kills outspoken critic of Kazakh government - Independent, UK
09/01/2006 Kazakh Muslims Celebrate First Official `Eid Holiday - Islam Online
06/01/2006 Kazakh Leader Changes National Anthem - Radio Free Europe
05/12/2005 Kazakhs shun revolution for Soviet-era stability - Independent, UK
02/12/2005 Opposition leader killed by three shots was a suicide, police claim - The Times, UK
25/02/2005 Kazakhs let faiths thrive - Washington Times
03/10/2004 Kazakhs Vote in Run-off Polls - Islam Online
19/09/2004 Dynasty rises amid riches of the steppes - Guardian, UK
13/02/2004 Kazakhstan: mosques resist pressure to join state-recognised central organisation - Religioscope
04/06/2003 Kazakhstan's balancing act - BBC, UK
16/04/2003 Jihad Calls in Kazakstan - IWPR
04/12/2002 Oil money threatens to make killing fields of Kazakhstan - Guardian, UK
19/11/2002 Kazakstan Closes Door on Chechens - IWPR
22/07/2002 Kazakhs' Season of Repression - Washington Post
02/09/2000 President Puts Kazakhstan On State Of Military Alert - Islam Online
24/11/1999 China, Kazakhstan Vow To Crack Down On Muslims - Islam Online


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