Islam and Muslims in Tajikistan

Tajikistan Flag

Capital: Dushanbe
Population: 8.47 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 90% - 85% Sunni Muslims, 5% Shia Muslims (approx. 7.6 million)

Islam in Tajikistan: Tradition and Modernity - Aziz Niyazi [PDF]

Islam in Tajikistan: Actors, Discourses, Conflicts - Andrea Schmitz [PDF]

Tajikistan: A Political and Social History - Kirill Nourzhanov and Christian Bleuer [PDF]

Islam in Tajikistan: Interview with Abdullo Hakim Rahnam

Poverty is biggest threat to peace

A model of Reconciliation

Five Years of Struggle

06/02/2018 Tajikistan, Most Muslim Country in Central Asia, Struggles to Rein In Islam - The Jamestown Foundation
21/09/2017 Tajikistan’s crackdown on observant Muslims intensifies - The Economist
18/08/2017 State Orders Muslim Women To Tie Head Scarves in 'Tajik' Way - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
15/05/2016 Tajikistan Islamist leaders face life in prison - Al Jazeera
08/05/2015 Tajikistan debates ban on Arabic names as part of crackdown on Islam - The Guardian
17/04/2015 Tajikistan: No Hajj, No Hijab, and Shave Your Beard - The Diplomat
02/04/2015 Tajikistan Links Hijab to Prostitution - OnIslam
22/11/2013 Wives appeal to Tajikistan authorities and Moscow to send their rogue husbands home - Independent, UK
25/07/2012 Deadly fighting erupts in Tajikistan - Al Jazeera
27/09/2010 Tajikistan youth turn to radical Islam - BBC
18/12/2008 Tajik Textbooks Misinterpret Islam: MP - IslamOnline
06/02/2008 Tajikistan 'facing food crisis' - BBC
18/04/2007 Tajikistan reinforces head scarf ban, prohibits revealing Western clothes at schools
07/11/2006 Pro-West Tajik President Re-elected - Islam Online
07/12/2006 Tajik girls drop school to marry - BBC
25/01/2006 Tajik Schools to Teach Islamic History - Islam Online
16/01/2006 Tajik crackdown on Islamic group - BBC
20/10/2005 Tajikistan Bans Hijab in Schools, Universities - Islam Online
22/08/2004 Tajikistan.. Mosques Off Limits to Women - Islam Online
27/10/2003 Tajik Mosques Full In Ramadan - Islam Online
18/07/2003 Tajikistan in Denial over Spiraling Suicide Rate - IWPR
23/06/2003 Tajiks approve longer presidency - BBC
13/03/2003 Tajiks Pray For Beleaguered Iraqis - Islam Online
30/01/2001 Over 100 Islamists Arrested In Tajikistan In 2000 - Islam Online
30/07/2000 Tajikistan: Three Million People Face Starvation - Islam Online


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