Islam and Muslims in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Flag

Capital: Tashkent (Toshkent)
Population: 29.7 million (July 2017 est.)
Muslims Percent: 88% - mostly Sunni (approx. 26.1 million)

A Comprehensive History of Uzbekistan

The Uzbeks - by Mark Dickens [PDF]

The Uzbek State as Reflected in Eighteenth Century Bukharan Sources - Wolfgang Holzwarth [PDF]

Islam in Uzbekistan: Religious Education and State Ideology - Martha Brill Olcott, Diora Ziyaeva [PDF]

Islam and persecution of Muslims in Uzbekistan [PDF]

Islamic Revival in Central Asia: The cases of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

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25/03/2007 Taliban Invites Uzbek Militants - OnIslam
01/08/2006 Uzbek singer on trial for song about massacre
13/05/2006 Uzbek leader silences critics of massacre
13/05/2006 Still waiting to bury their dead
13/05/2006 One Year on, Silence Surrounding Andijan Massacre - Islam Online
11/05/2006 West urged to punish Uzbekistan
11/05/2006 Outlook bleak in wake of Andijan
27/04/2006 Andijan massacre raises questions over UK arms trade
21/03/2006 Uzbekistan forces out refugee agency
05/01/2006 Tashkent's hidden Islamic relic
30/12/2005 Ex-envoy to Uzbekistan goes public on torture
24/11/2005 Uzbekistan looks east for new friends
18/11/2005 Revival of Cossacks Casts Muslim Group Out of Russia to U.S.
15/11/2005 Uzbekistan moves into Moscow's camp as 'show trial' convicts 15
15/11/2005 Uzbek uprising 'leaders' jailed for 20 years
12/11/2005 Media group condemns attack on journalist
11/11/2005 Journalist 'staged attack to gain asylum in west'
05/11/2005 Uzbeks banish BBC after massacre reports - BBC
26/10/2005 'Harassed' BBC shuts Uzbek office - BBC
26/10/2005 The bullet holes and bloodstains are gone, but for Uzbeks life is even worse
19/10/2005 Uzbek 'inciter' shown confessing - BBC
14/10/2005 Uzbek soldiers 'shot civilians' - BBC
06/10/2005 Uzbek victims testify at trial - BBC
03/10/2005 EU bans arms sales to Uzbekistan - BBC
30/09/2005 EU imposes sanctions on Uzbekistan
21/09/2005 Uzbeks accuse foreign media of coup attempt as Andijan 'show trial' opens
21/09/2005 Uzbekistan puts 15 'terrorists' on trial for Andijan atrocity
20/09/2005 Uzbeks accused of torture in wake of massacre - Guardian
17/09/2005 Massacre witnesses are freed to find refuge - Guardian
05/09/2005 Uzbekistan forced confessions to justify massacre of protesters
31/08/2005 Uzbek activist held in mental hospital
25/08/2005 Repression continues in Andijan uprising's aftermath - Forum 18
13/08/2005 Uzbekistan Authorities Deport Religious Freedom Reporter
01/08/2005 Uzbekistan kicks US out of military base - Guardian
01/08/2005 Uzbekistan told US to close down airbase 'after gas deal with Russia' and get out
30/06/2005 UK trained Uzbek troops weeks before massacre - Guardian
21/06/2005 Uzbek units linked to deadly crackdown got U.S. training
14/06/2005 U.S. Opposed Calls at NATO for Probe of Uzbek Killings Officials Feared Losing Air Base Access
13/06/2005 Uzbek protesters ran gantlet of death
09/06/2005 Uzbek pot begins to boil
08/06/2005 Bullets 'fell like rain' during Uzbek massacre
07/06/2005 Human Rights Watch calls Uzbek government crackdown a massacre
24/05/2005 Uzbek Activist Says She Saw 500 Bodies
21/05/2005 US cuts back Uzbek military links - Guardian
20/05/2005 '1,000 killed' in Uzbekistan - Scotsman
20/05/2005 Uzbek troops reoccupy town - Guardian
20/05/2005 Uzbek Faithful Attend Mosque Prayers - ABC News
20/05/2005 Comment: Who’s to Blame in Uzbekistan? - IWPR
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19/05/2005 'If the troops return, we will fight them' - Guardian
18/05/2005 Slaughter 'signals end of Karimov regime' - Guardian, UK
18/05/2005 He's our sonofabitch - Guardian
17/05/2005 Army 'kills 200' in second Uzbek city as thousands head for border - Independent
16/05/2005 Uzbek violence challenges leader's hard line - CS Monitor, USA
16/05/2005 Straw condemns Uzbekistan after 500 protesters are killed - Guardian, UK
15/05/2005 Massacre in Uzbekistan - Independent, UK
15/05/2005 Anger as US backs brutal regime - Observer, UK
15/05/2005 Uzbekistan on the brink as clashes spread - Observer, UK
15/05/2005 HRW Blames Turmoil on Uzbek Regime - Islam Online
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18/02/2005 Illegally kidnapped Muslim jailed - Forum 18
14/02/2005 Islamic charitable work "criminal" and "extremist"? - Forum 18
16/02/2005 Former ambassador takes redundancy - Guardian
01/11/2004 Former chief mufti calls for lifting of restrictions on Islam - Forum 18
12/10/2004 Outspoken UK envoy to Uzbekistan may lose job - Guardian
31/07/2004 Tug-of-war over Uzbekistan - Asia Times
14/07/2004 US moves to cut off aid to Uzbekistan - Independent, UK
09/07/2004 Uzbek Government Accused of Crackdown on Muslims - Voice of America
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29/03/2004 Muslim Militants Blamed for Uzbek Death Blasts - Scotsman, UK
29/03/2004 A Look at Uzbek President Islam Karimov - Guardian, UK / AP
13/02/2004 Britain's man in Tashkent wades back into controversy - Independent, UK
13/02/2004 Uzbek mother who publicised 'boiling' torture of son gets hard labour
18/01/2004 Meet our new Saddam: Introducing Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan
12/01/2004 Is Karimov Too Tough on Terror? - Insight Magazine
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23/10/2003 Islam enjoys wide popularity among Uzbek women
18/07/2003 Never Mind the Torture - MotherJones
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14/06/2003 'Illegal' Uzbek opposition meet - BBC
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16/09/2000 Uzbekistan's Not-So-Holy War


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