Converts (Reverts) to Islam


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Catholics turn to Islam as faith conversions rise

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Seeing the Light

Ahead of Iraq Deployment, 37 Korean Troops Convert to Islam

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500 here convert to Islam every year

Cyber-sheikh converts Jewish family to Islam

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A Very Good Article on Converts (in PDF Format) with Photos

Suspicious US Persecutes Muslim Reverts: Report - Islam Online

100 Nigerians Revert to Islam During Ramadan

The First Jewish Rabbi Convert to Islam


Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

A.R.Rehman: Leaving Celebrity Status Behind

MTV Presenter Kristiane Backer comes to Allah

Jermaine Jackson (Brother of Pop Star Michael Jackson)

Goethe (German Poet) had embraced Islam

Yvonne Ridley and Islam

Danny's (Danny William) big fight is with his conscience

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Conversion Story of Shakira Graham

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Dutch Woman Embraces Islam ‘Live’

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Former extremist Israeli settler thanks Allah at new West Bank home

American Soldier Converts to Islam in Fallujah Mosque

The Aminah Assilmi Story - Islam For Today

On the Beach With Dave Chappelle - Time Magazine

In case you have reverted (converted) yourself to Islam, or you have story of your friend's etc., and if you would like to share it with us then please send it to

Latest BLOG entries on Converts/Reverts
Latest NEWS at Islamic News Updates on Converts/Reverts

01/01/2016 Dalit Rajasthan IAS officer alleges harassment, converts to Islam
29/12/2015 Muslims In America: More Latinos Converting To Islam As US Population Grows, Report Claims
13/11/2015 Kiwi converts among New Zealand's Muslim community
28/09/2015 A Close-Up Look At French Converts To Islam
19/10/2015 India: Tamil actress Monika converts to Islam and quits cinema
26/08/2015 Malaysian pop singer Stracie Anam converts to Islam
01/07/2015 Russia Sees a Threat in Its Converts to Islam
24/06/2015 Ethnic Chinese embrace Islam, but keep names to resist ‘becoming Malay’
09/06/2015 Papua New Guinea’s boom in Muslim converts linked to customs
08/06/2015 More Norwegians convert to Islam
19/03/2015 Being German, Becoming Muslim: Race, Religion, and Conversion in the New Europe, by Esra Özyürek
14/03/2015 Denied temple access, Dalit converts to Islam
23/02/2015 Latinas converting to Islam for identity and structure
26/10/2014 Councillor from French far-right party Front National converts to Islam – and urges others to follow
04/07/2014 Former Playboy Bunny Felixia Yeap Converts To Islam
11/12/2010 In converts, authorities see threats
16/11/2010 Scots nurse who converted to Islam insists she has no regrets despite being abuse over her faith
03/11/2010 Lauren Booth: I'm now a Muslim. Why all the shock and horror?
15/08/2009 A Roman Catholic US Marine Discovers Islam
18/04/2009 Spanish Muslim Convert Becomes Mosque Leader
24/11/2008 Aboutreika Inspires Congolese to Islam
13/11/2008 South London Rapper Finds Islam
30/10/2008 Navajo & Muslim ; Young woman declares religious identity with traditional head covering
23/10/2008 Finding Islam on Chicago Bus
07/08/2008 Argentinean Mariano Discovers Islam
10/07/2008 Finding Islam in Potsdam
05/06/2008 A Hindu's Journey to Islam
21/05/2008 Muslims in America: Islam Smiled on Helen
14/12/2007 Kanoute Saves Spanish Mosque
01/12/2007 About to Lose Faith: A Brazilian Linguist Finds Islam
13/11/2007 A Young Moldavian Woman Chooses Islam
19/09/2007 Struggling Against Homosexuality, Finding Islam
11/09/2007 A German Teenager Discovers "Cool" Islam
09/09/2007 More Americans converting to Islam
17/06/2007 USA: Reverend drawn to Muslim faith
17/06/2007 Christian Composer, Inspired by Allah’s 99 Names
02/02/2007 US mayor converts to Islam
18/12/2006 Finding my religion
09/12/2006 Alexander Litvinenko: Poisoned spy became Muslim on deathbed, says Chechen dissident
07/12/2006 Alexander Litvinenko: Former Russian spy to be buried according to Muslim tradition
12/11/2006 Conversion to Islam brings man close to Irish roots
28/09/2006 USA: Islam's soul of the South: The improbable rise of a black Muslim politician in deepest Alabama.
22/09/2006 A Time to Reflect on Spiritual Journeys: In Embracing Islam, Ex-Catholic Seeks to Strengthen Cultural Ties
08/09/2006 Faith's friction: Tampa woman who lost eight relatives in the 9/11 attacks converts to Islam
04/09/2006 A growing number of American women find a safe haven by embracing an ancient faith
29/06/2006 A Photographer Finds Allah in Nature: A Swedish Man Discovers Islam
31/05/2006 A Muslim Employee Led Me to Islam: A South African's Journey to Islam
10/04/2006 USA: Convert finds peace in Islam
20/03/2006 USA: Muslim cabbies change course of woman's life
06/03/2006 USA: GI turns to Islam to find God
15/01/2006 Video: Turning Muslim in Texas - Channel 4 documentary
15/01/2006 Why hundreds of ordinary West Aussies change faith
12/01/2006 10 Nigerians Revert to Islam, Doubling `Eid Joy
27/12/2005 Europeans Revert to Islam for Peace: US Paper
01/05/2002 USA: The Founding Fathers and Islam


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