Hizbut-Tahrir Unveiled

Abdur-Rahmaan Dimashqiyyah

There will always fight between truth and falsehood. Allaah has sent people who will spend lives/efforts to defend his Deen (the Quran and Sunnah). There are others who claim that they are reformers.

And when it is said to them do not do mischief upon the earth they say: But we are reformers. But verily they are the mischief makers yet they do not realise (Baqarah)

They are the dangerous people since they think they are reforming but in reality they are destroying.

In the 20th century - end of Uthmaani empire - many groups/cults/organisations that considered that entering the political or taking the political way is the best way to retain the Islamic dignity. They ignored that the laxity of the ummah was the real reason of losing that dignity. These groups were based on emphasism and emotionalism - not on knowledge. They did not seek knowledge, their behaviour was chaotic and it resulted in chaos. The work of da'wah was put aside till the political situation improved - they say put it on the shelf till our political situation improves - but there are many millions of people waiting for the truth. So their priority was to return the khilaafah. Until then they way, we should suspend everything - nothing can be done till it returns. As for the kuffar - let them go to hell - they say, why because we should get our lands back from them. Actuallly, many enemies of Islam became leaders of Islam - this should not be forgotten by us. The Kuffar realise this point hence they support the Christian missionaries - since they open ways/avenues in Muslim communities. Therefore we should do the same amongst them. They deserve to become Muslims and enter Paradise. However our politicians (i.e. the likes of HT) do not give this a consideration.

These people talk about the conspiracy - the cultural invasion - how we are getting attacked by books, schools etc. However there was also an invasion that took place in this ummah many centuries before - Sufism and Ilm ul-Kalaam - these things hijacked the religion and had influenced the deviance and now people are getting taught these things in 'Islamic Schools' getting degrees etc! So the invasion they talk about is not the only one - but we should know about this one as well!

Another thing is we need to understand and look for the reasons for our downfall There must be a reason(s) As Allaah said: why did it happened. These people will say there is nothing wrong with you - it is the kuffar they are responsible for it - but they ignore the law of Allaah, if we disobey Allaah's law then he has a law also to punish us.

Among such groups is Hizb ut-Tahrir - have certain signs - always talk about issues of khilaafah, adhaabul-qabr and issue of Ahad hadeeth. This is how to recognise them - they are taught that these are priorities - they say that if you do not work for the khilaafah that you are a mushrik - don't they say this [yes] - because you are not working for the khilaafah! Then what about the lifetime of the Messenger in Makkah were they not Mushriks then?

So people do not know when they argue with HT that the establisher of HT was a maatureedee/ash'aree in aqeedah and he used to consider ash'arees maatureedees as People of Tawheed (ASJ) This is the issue we should pick with them. It is not just ahad hadeeth, adhaabul qabr and khilaafah, they have much more deviance than this - such as the use of Ilm ul-Kalaam - all the leaders of the ASJ have rejected Ilm ul-Kalaam (Abu Haneefah Ash-Shafi'ee they charged those who follow it with Ahl ul-Bid'ah they should be beaten, punished exiled put in jail etc..)

The establisher was Taqi ud-Deen an-Nabahaanee (may Allah forgive him). The issue here is to correct ourselves. We are calling for correction. Only those who look for correction will listen but the fanatics will not. This man established HT, he was the grandson of Yoosuf bin ismaeel an-Nabahaanee who was one of the most excessive people into Sufism he had many books one is Jaami Karaamaat al-Awliyaah includes many funny statements one is on Ali al Amali - if you read some stories that will make you laugh and cry.

They say about him - Mujtahid Mutlaq. Didn't you hear that? [Yes] and what do they say about the Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him)? That he should not make ijtihaad Didn't you hear that? He should not make ijtihaad. So who is more perfect than the other, the one who is capable of ijtihaad or the one who is not?? What about the scholars of his time, did they consider him to be mujtahid mutlaq, or even mujtahid? He was unknown!! He was nobody. So how can a claim be made. Do you think you will not be found out? Allaah is preserving his religion and those who lie will be caught out and exposed. A thief - what about those who offer bid'ah to the people and say it is sunnah wont they get caught? Allaah will catch them out.

He had many books and was born in Ijzim in Palestine in 1909 and he went to al-Azhar university where he graduated then he went to Lebanon then Jordan and he worked in the Islamic college as a teacher until he finally dedicated himself to HT. He died in 1977 and had many books such as Risaalutul Arab - has tendencies of nationalism - shows his nationalist concepts etc. Whether he renounced that we don't know since he did not make this clear in his later books (this is one of the first books that he wrote). His aqeedah was Maatureedee (more so than Ash'aree) and used to call their leaders Ulamaa ut-Tawheed - that they were Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah. One of the things that he wrote - in imitation of ar-Raazee (one of the people of Ilm ul-Kalaam) he said that we cannot accept the Quran until it agrees with ten of our conditions - and he used the same phrase of ar-Raazee - one of which is that it should agree with our aql. He also says in his book ash-Shakhsiyyah al-Islaamiyyah (3/132) - this is regarding being maatureedee and ash'aree since he made ta'weel of certain sifaat such as Hand = power but we find in Sharh of Fiqhul Akbar of Abu Haneefah (p. 33) - that it should not be said that hand means power and likewise we find in Tabyeen Khadhibul Muftaree (p.150) the saying of al-Ash'aree himself who says likewise that is should not be said that hand means power (i.e. metaphorically) because this is the saying of al-Mu'tazilah - who are the most deviant cult.

If we go go to the book Sharh Usool ul-Khamsah of the Mu'tazilah (p.228) we find that one of the big leaders al-Qaadee Abdul-Jabbaar who said that the way of Ahl us-Sunnah is to believe that the hand of Allaah means power. Regarding the imitation of what ar-Raazee said look at the book ash-Shakhsiyah al-Islaamiyyah (3/158) So the issue here is that we should not first talk about khilaafah, khabrul-ahad and adhaabul-qabr, let us talk about the ta'weel. Tahaawee said the best ta'weel is to abandon ta'weel and to submit to the texts and he said wa alaihi jamaa'atul-Muslimeen so how can they be ASJ when they oppose this saying of at-Tahaaweee. So there are many other deviant things.

We know also that they say the khilaafah should be re-established in minimum of 13 and maximum of 25 years. If they don't then they are failures. There is also a certain form of behaving of ASJ and you can know them by their behaviour and this is by the practice of the sunnah externally and internally. ASJ do not say when considering da'wah - This is not the time for that now! Must not forget the da'wah since this is why we have been created - since with that people worship Allaah. They make this big mistake when they say that the Khilafah collapsed in 1924 this century. This is wrong. In fact it finished a long time ago. And this Uthmaani kingship of empire was not a khilaafah. They themselves called themselves kings - sultans - sultaan Abdul Hameed sultan Abdul Majeed so this was not khilaafah this was a kingship. So you do not see the traces of the Sunnah in them, even if you ask them why do we not see sunnah upon you - most of them are clean shaven - they say the most important thing now is to work for the khilaafah. They say it is qushoor (qishrah) that this is just a matter of skin. This is something we should throw away. So they consider these acts of sunnah like the skin that can be thrown away.

So what is the Sunnah that they are calling us to. When they mention the texts they cast doubts and say 'definitive text' 'definitive meaning' etc... so they confuse the people with this. Likewise they talk about a lot of theories, political theories, they memorise many theories but they cannot memorise ten hadeeth or chapters from the Quran. So they doubt the sunnah.

And one of them said: "every single text in the Q&S is differed about amongst the scholars". Haven't you heard that? [yes] Every text!! And I heard myself by one of their leaders and Umar Bakree is one of them - but I heard one of them in a tape called Munaaqasha Afraaq ul-Mu'tazilah - when one of them faced Shaikh al-Albaanee - when he mentioned that statement to the Shaikh - the Shaikh, he quoted 'Afillaahi Shakk?' so when this verse was quoted he began to change the topic.

The hasty nature of this sect causes them to perish quickly because they have no patience or wisdom, they do not consider the stages of the Prophets mission from its beginning to its end. They take the last stage first!! What happens when you ask for the last stage to come first. What happens?? You sell out. You compromise and co-operate with those you are not allowed to - such as with Shites for example etc. So it was better for them to start from the beginning - to be more wise - than to be more wise and to make treaties with those whom Allaah hates. So in the book 'al-Khilaafah' (p. 158) they say we should obtain the khilaafah in no less than 13 years. And then this Hizb - it was designed by Allaah of course - it came here to Britain and they caused much fitnah so they described Islam to people here and caused fitnah in the universities etc... So they gave Kuffar the chance to close mosques, cancel gatherings etc... So what are the demands of this group. They do not demand doctrinal requirements. So they say 'Wa maa halaqtul-jinna wal-insa illaa lil-Khilaafah' and 'Innallaah laa yaghfiry an tazool ul-Khilaafah). It is as if Allaah is saying that but he actually said: li ya'budoon we need to teach and call people before it is too late. If a kaafir comes what is better to gain him or to lose him? To those it is better to lose him. The priorities of the Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) was to gain even just one person, to save the people from Hellfire and more into Paradise. So da'wah for them is postponed until khilaafah comes.

One of the greatest truths about the absence of the aqeedah among these people is that they hasten themselves to Iran and they called who to be the khalifah? Do you know who? [khomeini] They called Khomeini to be the khilaafah. Here it is in their newspaper - this is their newpaper al-khilaafah No. 18, Friday, 2nd of January 1410H in this magazine article we open the next page we find 'Hizbut-Tahree wal-Imaam Khomeini' and in this edition they admitted we went to Iran and we invited Khomeini to be the khalifah of the ummah. So is the ummah that they want us to work for and if we do not we are mushrik? Who is the khalifah - khomeini. In this edition of their magazine al-Wa'ee the best political work that khomeini has ever done is to write his book 'al-Hukoomut al-Islaamiyyah' The Islamic State - that is the best work al-Khomeini ever did because he called for the state and established the state so he did what he said - meant what he said - and he called not to the west nor to the east but to Islam and he shaped the whole world within 2 decades and he gave the light of hope to the Muslims who were about to despair and then they said and this does not mean that khomeini has no mistakes but there is not time for that! But of course there is time for others! To knok their heads and to call them Mushriks! They confess also in their book and they said that we went to Khomeini and we appealed him to accept to be the khalifah and he promised inshaa'allaah I will give you the response, in this book they say we have been waiting for his response but we had no response. That is why they are criticising the Iranian Law now. So they said that they called him to rule the khilaafah with the Book and the Sunnah!!! Does khomeini accept the Book and the Sunnah. Are they joking. Why don't they call Clinton and ask him the same.!!

They are praising his book 'Hukoomut al-islaamiyyah' he is cursing Abu Bakr Umar, Mu'aawiyyah etc.. .He curses the prophets brother in law, so this does not matter now? He also says that our imaams have reached the highest stage that no prophet nor angel can achieve. (p.52) so how can he establish a state with that claim, that those imaams are better than all prophets and angels? So that does not matter to them.

HT do not work at those reasons which caused the downfall of the Ummah (as we mentioned before there are certain reasons). They are going against Allaah's law (Innallaaha laa yughayyiru). They want to change things but they do not want the people to change.! They do not tell people that we lost because of your disobedience. That you are not submissive any more you do not represent the meaning of the name on your shoulders any more it is you who caused the loss of the ummah. Your sins, they don't say this they say the conspiracy of our enemies, they don't focus on the transgressions of the people of the Ummah it is always the enemies. But we have to ask the question why did Allaah who has promised us dignity, victory why did He allow them to destroy us? They will never answer this.

They want us to jump from the first stage (tarbiyah - nurtuting/educating upon proper knowledge/aqeedah) to stage of khilafah but they will fail; since the first stage the companions went through tarbiyah - since to carry Islam on you shoulders requires a lot of patience etc... but the closest thing for them is to work for khilaafah and do not talk about anything else, sin transgression etc... Allaah said (in tasbiroo wa tattiqoo ...) if you have patience and fear Allaah their plan can not cause you the least harm!! So why are we harmed then, what happened to the promise of Allaah then? (24:55) this promise of Allaah what happened to it then? Ya'budoonanee al laa yushrikoona bi Shai'aa - two conditions here - so they were about to enable one mushrik - khomeini - to be the khalifah!! The one who says: Yaa Alee etc...are these peopl worshipping Allaah alone? But these things are not important to them, the most important thing to them is the khilaafah etc... you don't apply Tawheed, any shirk it doesn't matter, khilaafah is most important. Either they do not know the law or they are ignoring the law of Allaah. So we have to learn how to learn these hearts to the Creator. Ibn Abbas said: Allaahumma maa nazala balaa'an illaa bizanbin - and it was not ascended but by repentance - this saying of Ibn Abaas represents the law of Allaah and HT's law does not represent the law of Allaah. They don't mind talking about Imperialism, America the greatest satan in the world, we are not saying don't say that but we say stop using these emotional things and start to teach the people what they need to know about first. But if the Americans are the greatest satans then why did you say that we are allowed to seek help from these satans. Why did you say that talabatun-Nasrah is allowed it is one of our principles we ask the kuffar to help us to do what? Establish the khilaafah, will shaytan help you with that??? You are the ones who say what about that one who allowed a peace treaty with those satans and this one and that one - yet you, you say your are free from all of that - why do you say: It is one of our principles to seek support from thekuffar to help us to establish the khilaafah. So in 1978 they asked Qaddaafi - we want you to help us to establish khilaafah.

The victory in support of this ummah is different to the victory the other nations achieved. French defeated Germans, Germans defeated the English, they have their own system but we have the Law of Allaah, victory is linked to submission, obedience, surrender to its Lord and these are the factors of victory, this is the promise of Allaah, Allaah will never break His promise but this promise has conditions. Not like these people one of them is showing his thigh and another he doesn't pray, he says it doesn't matter he says laa ilaaha illallaaha, OK we say you are with us, even if you don't pray. And we know some people from HT in Jordan and other countries, they do not pray, but they say since those people are shouting for khilaafah its OK we can work with them and they claim that they know best about the political issues. One of their professions and knowledge of political issues is that they shouted for Saddam Hussain the one who massacred thousands of Muslims and who committed a lot of atrocities, they said Subhaanallaah, he is fighting the greatest Shaytaan so they were with him and so did other cults.

We now mention some of their fatwas. Qadaa wal-Qadr, they say these two were never mentioned in the QS (ad-Doosiyah p.18). However, the Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) said: Aktharoo man yamoot... Most of those who die of my nation after the book of Alaah and the qadaa wal-Qadr of Alaah is by al-anfus (death of the soul) - Al-Haythami Majmoo az-Zawaa'id (5/6) Ibn Hajr authenticated it in FB (10/167). HT put its initial HT Islam built its doctrine based upon aql - the intellect - they said the aqeedah of islam is a mental doctrine (aql) and a political doctrine (siyaasee) (al-Eemaan p.68 and Hizbut-Tahreer p.6) so the aql of these people is the basis of the religion so we know Allaah by our Aql. But in contradiction to that is what Umar al-Bakree said that separation amongst Muslims was when they used aql in matters of aqeedah (Tafseer of al-Maidah 5/29) and they mention that nations do not arise by good morality but by doctrines and thoughts - and by the methodology that the carrie/practice (A-taqattul al-hizbeep.18) and it says that da'wah for good morality does not correct tehsociety and does not arise the nation but the arising of the soceity takes place by the correction of thoughts and ideas not by calling to good morals (manhaj hizbut-tahreer fit-Taghyeer p.26-27).

We say in both!! In morality and in thought (i.e. aqeedah) and Islam calls for both.

Taqi ud-Deen denied that there are no emotional ties to the soul- no spiritual ties. He said - no ashwaaq roohiyyah fil-Islaam - that is why we see that HT does not have softness and good behaviour with the people - they say their are no spiritual effects in the soul. He said in Nidhaam al-Islaam p.61 and al-Fikr al-Islaamee al-Mu'aasir p.202, he said - look at the surprise - those who say that the woman as all is awrah this is a collapse, a destruction of morality - i.e the need to cover all etc.. is a destruction - since it must be, he says, that the man and woman must meet together to have commercial exchange. - this is what he says - he says this in his book an-Nidhaam ul-Ijtimaa' fil-Islam p.10 and p.128 - to shake hands with women is not a destruction in morality - but to say a woman should be covered is destruction of morality.

They say that HT is a political gathering a political group - but it is not a group of works - the whole workof the group is political - this is what they say, its work is not educational, and nor is it admonition and guidance, it is only a political work (manhaj hizbut-tahree fit-taghyeer p.28 and 31 and also hizbut-tahreer p.25) Did you hear that - this is what they claim - they said we are allowed to establish our group by Allaah since Allaah said: Let their be an ummah arise from you enjoining good.... This is the proof that they use but they say that their work is totally political work!!! So this political work has become aqeedah to them and this is why they bargain with Ahl -ul Bid'ah the Shites and also the Jews. So when this issue became the doctrine (political) nothing was wrong with dealing with the shites. They said in al-Wa'ee (Magazine) no. 75 p.23 (1993) they said: There is no difference between Shaafi'ee and Hanafee - which is wrong in terms of variations in terms of rulings - any way .. and Ja'afaree (that means Shi'ee) and Zaidee.. and they said And what is happening of arising or reviving between the Sunni and Shi'ee that very mean individuals are behind this and we should fight this since there are no difference and those who do that they should be fought.

And these people (HT) know what these shites say about Aa'ishah and the companions etc.. they hear it in Hyde Park and still they say there is no difference between Shi'ee and Sunnee. The Shites curse the companions saying they have changed the quran, abusing the wives of the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) the Mother of the Believers, this to them is a small thing! Why? Compared to the greatest thing, what is the greatest thing? The issue of khilaafah. To curse the Companions, the Prophets Wives, accuse the Companions of changing the Quran all of these are small things when compared to the great issue, what is that? The issue of khilaafah. That is why when this issue became aqeedah they said that the best book we have ever read is Hukoomatul-Islaamiyyah of khomeini because it agrees with their aqeedah, yes to establish a shi'ee state to fight the sunnis is a matter of aqeedah for them (the Shites) but they (HT) do not know that, or choose to ignore it. So they found in Kum, where khomeini used to live, they found that in Kum the khilaafah may be established.

So as we said, they say Allaah allowed us to establish a party. The verse they quote: You are the best nation.... But look at what they say: Innal-Amra bil Ma'roof wan-Nahi anil-Munkar laisa huwat-Tareeq ilaa iqaamatil-khilaafati wa I'aadatil-Islam !!! So if this is not the way, why then do you quote the verse then (they said this in manhaj HT fit-Taghyeer p.21) and what they say, (i.e. the verse) was also quoted by Bakri in his tafseer of Maa'idah volume 2/counter 233. They say our work is totally political notenjoining good and forbid evil. But we must ask did not the Salaf hear this verse before, so did they establish groups themselves, did they have this understanding. No this is destruction of the verse not understanding the verse. We also know in addition that HT is not the only group, their is Ikhwaan, they will say we are allowed to form a group and they will quote the same verse. We have to know that they are causing disunity between the Ummah, yesterday they create a group then they divide and form a new group and have dislike for the other group. So was this understanding absent to the salaf whereas you are making new groups with your understanding. The Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) said if two khalifahs were given bai'ah then the second should be killed. But they say that this is ahad hadeeth. But who told them that the companions did not used to take the ahad hadeeth. We have been saying this to them for years - give us one saying from the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him), the companions, taabi'een etc... that we should not take aqeedah from ahad, they say it is haram to take it in aqeedah and haram to leave it in ahkaam!!! Is this not a contradiction?? The important question that should arise - the verse they arise - waltakum ummatun.... What if it is said waltakum min Hizbut-Tahreer - now we say did an ummah exist before the existent of Taqi ud-Deen an-Nabahaanee? Of course it did from the time of the Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) so why the need for him and HT, Why is it OK to form a new party within Islam within the Ummah when it is not allowed to form a new party within HT??

And it is amazing that these people (hizbee people) who call for dispersal, they are the ones who cry for the unity - they are the ones who divide!!! They should notbe allowed to do this - go and curse your hizbiyyah then you can call for unity. Another thing is that those who claim that they will apply the verse - you enjoin the good and forbid the evil - do they actually look like those who will do this - externally - No they are the ones who need it themselves!!! The one who does not have something cannot give it. If I dont have money I cant give it - if they don't have the sunnah they can't give it.

All the whole world to them is Daarul-Kufr. They say there is no place of Islam today. Because everything is a place of Kufr. Don't they say this?? Do you disagree? I have read this in their papers in their books - they said "the Muslim lands all of them are daarul-kufr - even if its people are Muslims" (Hizbut-Tahreer p.32 &103). So they did not exclude Makkah and Medinah! Do they say that to you - except Makkah and Medinah - I'll give you my personal experience - one of them said to me - all of them except Makkah and Madinah - they also say every single society all of it is non-Muslim society and the places of Islam they live in is not Darul-Islam (Ad-Dawlatul-Islaamiyyah p.55 - Meethaaqul-Ummah p.14 - Manhaj HT fit-Taghyeer p.10-11 & 34 and Meethaqul Ummah p.44) in all of these references that all places are daarul-kufr and all the societies are darul-kufr. That means that there is no Muslims!!! One of our brothers has been asking one of their leaders - is their any daarul-Islam today. He said No! He said but I want to do Hijrah!! He said it is not possible. So where is the place of hijrah then? Makkah and Medinah are not places of Islam? Do you go to London?

There is a fatwa they give (Jawaab wa Suaal 24 Rabee al-Awwal 1390 and also 8 Muharram 1390) they mention in these two places that it is allowed for the foreign women to be kissed. And I swear that they argued with one of the brothers who recently became Muslim that they allowed it to him. He said that they said to him it is allowed for him to see a picture of a naked woman, they said 'its only a paper'. They said its a picture its not a woman - so I told that brother to go and give them a picture of their sister - its only a picture its not your sister. So they say that a woman is allowed to shake hands with a woman - when it comes to giving the pledge of allegiance it is OK for the woman to shake hands for this purpose - there is difference in this between a man and a woman (al-Khilaafah p.32) - The references that I am mentioning to you I have seen them and I have them at my home. And regarding what Aa'ishah said - "No By Allaah -

The Messenger of Allaah (may Peace Be Upon Him) never touched the hand of a woman." And they say no she is wrong? I heard this myself from Umar Bakree personally and I have this recording - he said Aa'ishah is wrong - she was wrong in saying that!! So who is right then - did you live with Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) - how can you say that. This hadeeth is in Bukhaaree!! So they reject this by what has been narrated by Umm Atiyyah that the Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) was given a piece of cloth and a woman gave her her hand - but this is Mursal - that means it is da'eef - mentioned by an-Nawawi (1/30) and likewise Ibn Hajr (8/636) said - Aishah said that as an answer to what had been narrated by Umm Atiyaah that the Messenger took a piece of cloth to shake hands. And it is not sufficient for them the saying of Allaah's Messenger - "I do not shake hands with women"? (Ibn Hibban, 14 Tirmidhee 1597 Nasaa'ee 7/149 Ibn Maajah 2874) so this is not enough for them (narrated by Umaimah). What I say to one woman is what I say to a hundred women and he said 'My shaking hands with you is my word (i.e. it is my covenant) - he also said: "It is better for a man to be hit with a needle in his head than giving his hand to a foreign woman" (Al-Bayhaqee - saheeh - silsilah of albaanee no.226) In spite of all of that they say that it is allowed!! So we say to them what they always say to the Rulers - uhkimoo bimaa anzalallaahu - Judge/Rule by what Allaah has revealed. And we say the same thing to them: The law of Allaah is not to shake the hand of the foreign women, if you do not rule by this Allaah will not make you establish the rule of Allaah. And this means we have to be more submissive and obedient. If we ourselves do not submit to the law of Allaah how then how can call others to it. How can we gain superiority and leadership. An-Nawawi said: "When it is to look it is haram to touch (Sharh il-Minjaaj 6/195)...

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