Often a question is asked:

Do the Agakhani Ismailis of the *present era* attribute DIVINITY to their present Imam - Karim Aga Khan?

If one was to visit the ISMAILI JAMATKHANAS (Prayer halls), in North America or Europe, during the prayer times, one would hear the Congregation reciting the 'Devotional Songs' in Gujrati called the "GINANS".

Reproduced below is one such popular Ginan with the young students of our era which I have down loaded from an Ismaili web site; <> 

Link <>.
Note: The above Link is now closed. Please visit their New website. Here you can listen to this Ginan on AUDIO as well as read TEXT.

At this site you can hear AUDIOS, read Texts of several OTHER Ginans. 

Please read the down loaded Ginan in Gujrati and its translation. Insha'Allah, you will find out the answer to the above Question. 

In an Ismaili philosophy, Karim Aga Khan is the 49th Ali.
"Ya Ali Bapa" is the favourite name of Karim Aga Khan among the
young Ismailis and "Mawla Bapa" among the adults. 
The word "Bapa" literally means "Father".


hak tu(n) paak tu(n) baadshaah maher baan bee 
        Ya Ali tu(n)hi tu...1
You are the Just, You are the Sinless, 
Oh Ali the Gracious Heavenly King, You are indeed all.

    rab tu(n) rahemaan tu(n) ya ali aval akhar 
        kazi tu(n)hi tu........2
You are the Sustainer, You are the Merciful, 
Oh Ali, You are the First and the Last, the Judge, You are indeed all.

te upaayaa te nipaayaa sirjann haar 
        ya ali tu(n)hi tu.............3
You are the one who originated and You are the one who created, Oh Ali you the Creator, You are indeed all.

jal thal mull mandal haar naa 
        ya ali hukam teraa bi tu(n)hi tu....4

In the water and on the land, You have laid the 
roots (foundations, of creation), 
Oh Ali everything therein and on is 
at Your command, You are indeed all.

    teri dostee me boliyaa peer shamsh 
        me bandaa teraa bi tu(n)hi tu..5

In Your friendship says Peer Shamsh: "I am also Your 
created being", You are indeed all.

1. This is not an ancient or a discarded GINAN.
It is the most popular Ginan which is being taught 
to the Ismaili Students in their Religious Classes.

2. This Ismaili Ginan - the Devotional Song, has attributed everything to Ali. One may wonder what has been left for Allah? 

3. Before the media and in the court house Karim Aga Khan has denied having DIVINITY. However, he has not asked his followers to STOP reciting of this Ginan, in spite of the repeated requests sent to him by the various individuals - Ismailis and Muslims by letters and through paid publicity in media. (copies of these Open Public Requests were mailed personally to Karim Aga Khan).


Recently, I have received several mails from the Agakhani Ismailis claiming: 
The name "Ali" in the above Ginan, refers to one of the 99 Names (attributes) of Allah and not to Hadhrat Ali (a.s.). Probably, the Ismaili missionaries have conjured a kind of deceitful defence and propagated it within the Jamaat. Below is the response to this make-believe pretence.

1. Every Ismaili knows in his/her heart that whenever they take the name of "ya Ali" in their Ginans, Farmans and Greetings; the term refers to no one else but to their 1st Imam Hadhrat Ali (a.s.) and by "nass" (delegation) to Karim Aga Khan the 49th Ali.

2. When an Ismaili meets another, they Greet with the salutations:
"Ya Ali Madad". The response they receive is:  "Mawla Ali Madad".
Who is this "Mawla Ali", if not Hadhrat Ali (a.s.)?

3. One of the 99 Divine Names of Allah (S.W.T.) is "al-'Aliyy"
meaning "the Exalted". It is pronounced differently from the name of the 1st Imam of the Shiahs. The Divine Names of Allah have the prefix: "al"
meaning "the". Does the above Ginan repeatedly recite the phrase 
"ya Ali" or "al 'Aliyy"?

4. Finally, here is a verse from another Ismaili Ginan entitled "Allah ek khasam sabuka". Ismailis very proudly recite this particular verse of that Ginan. It reads: "Allah e'hi Imam". The word "e'hi" translates: "that is or he is".

This verse cuts the legs of the pretentious excuses, to stand upon.

Since I have placed this verse "Allah e'hi Imam" the Ismailis have stopped challenging the text of the Ginan 'Haq tu Paak tu'.

"Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, Falsehood doth perish! Ah! woe be to you for the (false) things ye ascribe (to Us)."  Qur'an 21:18

May Allah Guide Us All to His Eternal Truth 





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