Shia's and Sunni's

"Shie'ah", "Shi'a": a singular Arabic noun means group, party, sect, supporter. The plural form is Shiya' and Ashyaa'. There is another word in Arabic that denotes the same meaning, i.e Hizb, its plural is Ahzaab. Both terms were used in the Holy Qur'an

Sheikh Ahmad Deedat on the subject of Shia/Sunni

In Defense of Sunnah

An Exposition and Refutation of the Sources of Shi'ism

The Event of Ghadir Khumm - Mohammad Manzoor Nomani

The true facts about The Last Sermon and Ghadir Al-Khumm

The Truth about Shi'ism

Historical Background

Basic Shia Creed

The Shia's and the Quran

Shi'ites Views on Sahabah & AhluSunnah

Women & Sex in Shi'ism

Answering Shi'isam by Quran and Logic

The Islamic Ruling on Shi'ites: Quotes from Prophet and Muslim Scholars

Sunnis versus Shia's

Shi'ites as mentioned in Quran

A Refutation and Exposition of Sorces of Shi'ism

What Shia's say about their 12 imams

What Shi'ites say about Sunni's

A Response to Peshawar Nights

Peshawar Nights - The First Session

Replying against Shia from the Shia's most authentic book, Nahjul Balagha

Some links of Shi'a websites to offer a more balanced view

Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project

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