The Number Nineteen

Before the usage of digits to represent numbers, the letters of the alphabet were used.

For example A = 1, B = 2 and so on. Even today all the letters of the Arabic letters have numbers assigned to them.

The word `WAHD', Arabic for one, can be written and the corresponding numbers can be added which will give the total of nineteen.  

W=6 A=1 H=8 D=4                                                     6+1+8+4=19

Therefore WAHD or ONE = NINETEEN

Because God is One, the number nineteen is given special significance as this number forms the basis of the code, which Dr. Khalifa discovered. This code, says Rashad, runs throughout the Quran.

Dr. Rashad Khalifa based his theory on this intricate system by which he proclaimed that the Quran is the irrefutable Word of God and subsequently by using the same method claimed his messengership.

He said that as a result of his research he had discovered the first verse in the Quran, `In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful' consists of 19 letters and that every word of this verse is repeated as a multiple of nineteen. The first word for example is found in the Quran exactly 19 times. Other information he presented includes: The Quran consist of 114 chapter's (19x6). The first chapter revealed, sura 96 consists of 19 verses. The last Quranic revelation, sura 110 consists of exactly 19 words.

According to Dr. KhaliFa research his name `Rashad Khalifa' also forms part of this code. By adding the number of sura's and verses which contain his name or the root of his name, gives a multiple of nineteen. Providing that is, the first word 'Challis' which appears in Sura 2.30 is not included because this, he says, refers to Satan, a non-human Khalifa.

In appendix 24 of his 1992 Revised Version of the Quran he writes: 'The slightest violation of God's Final Testament is destined to stand out in glaring disharmony. A deviation by only 1- one sura, one verse, one word, or even one letter - is immediately exposed. '

In his opening chapter of the 1981 translation of the Quran he says: `... The Quran's miraculous numerical code is so intricate that it leaves no doubt that the Quran is the word of God, and that it has been perfectly protected from the slightest distortion, addition or loss...'

For those who read the Quran, the proof is there in the scientific facts and other information. But Rashad's version of the Quran with its presentation of the ' 19 formula' has some flaws.

The word `God' he calculates as appearing 2698 times (19 x 142). This is despite the fact that he has counted it as appearing only ONCE in sura 9.15, when it actually should be TWICE. This is shown in the computer printout in his two books, `The Computer Speaks' and `Quran: Visual Presentation of the Miracle'.

However, in his New Revised version of the Quran, he has accurately counted it as two but has discarded verses 128 and 129, the last of which contained the word `God'. So, although there is one word `God' missing from his new translation, the count is still 2698!

The two verses of Sura 9, which he has now expunged, were perfectly acceptable to him for many years even after his `heavenly ascension' in 1971, that he included them in his first translation of the Quran.

It appears that only after the consequence of his claim to messengership did all these changes occur. Apart from the numerical code his other proof of his claim is that Sura3.81 refers to him. Compare the two versions below.

1981 Translation: `God has made a covenant with the prophets that He will give them the scripture: then, when a messenger comes to you (O people) confirming the scripture, you shall believe in him and support him. God said. "Do you agree and make a covenant with Me? " (The people) said. "We agree. " God said, "You have borne witness and I hear witness with you" Commentary: This was part of the "pre-creation" pact that God made with all the people (see 7. 172j...

1992 translation: 'GOD took a covenant, from the prophets saying, "I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards, a messenger will come and confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him " He said, "Do you agree with this, and pledge to fulfill this covenant?" They said, "We agree. " He said, "You have thus borne witness, and I bear witness along with you" Commentary: This major prophecy has now been fulfilled. God Messenger of the Covenant, as prophesied in this verse and in the to purify and unify God's messages which have been delivered by God's prophets'

The difference in the two translations by Rashad shows that he originally believed that this covenant was accepted by the people but the later edition infers that it was accepted by the prophets.

In the preface to the 1992 edition it says that `..He (Rashad) had completed his revision of the majority of this translation...'. Does this mean that the remaining translation was undertaken by someone not under `divine' supervision? It seem so because it also says `New material has been added to two of the appendices...' Could this be opinions, and conjecture? The preface further states: `...In the months since Dr. Khalifa's martyrdom we have had reassurances that the channel which he opened for the discoveries of the numerical parameters embedded in the Quran is not closed...' What exactly does this mean? Who has given these reassurances? Where is this information coming from? Could this be a pretext for adding more opinion and conjecture?

The preface ends by saying: `Dr. Rashad Khalifa, God's Messenger of the Covenant, has departed, just like all other messengers before him, but the purified message is alive and will continue to sustain this world until the very end. It is the Quran.'

Unfortunately this is not true. The New Revised Edition he presents is NOT the Quran. Compared with HIS own first translation and other widely used translations, it shows too many discrepancies for comfort.

God says in sura 39 verse 18 that people must listen to all the views and accept the best. By reading the other translations it is possible to do that. Best of all, God's advice in verse 36 of Sura 17 should be followed: `Do not accept anything that you cannot ascertain. You are given the hearing, the eyes, and the mind in order to examine and verify.'


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