Invocation against evil portent

205. Allaahumma laa tayra 'illaa tayruka, wa laa khayra 'illaa khayruka, wa laa 'ilaaha ghayruka.

O Allah there is no portent other than Your portent, no goodness other than Your goodness, and none worthy of worship other than You.

Reference: Ahmad 2/220, Ibn As-Sunni (no. 292). See also Al-Albani, Silsilatul-'Ahadlth As-Sahihah 3/54, (no. 1065). As for bodings of good, these used to please the Prophet (SAW) and so when he heard good words from someone, he used to say: "We have taken from you a good portent from your mouth," Abu Dawud, Ahmad. See also Al-Albani, Silsilatul-'Ahadith As-Sahihah 2/363, and it is with Abu Ash-Shaikh Al-Asfahani in 'Akhlaqun-Nabiyy, pg. 270.


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